demo/ try out version for this game??

  • Hello eco players.

    I have just found this game and i'm impressed. i have never seen such an original idea for a survival game in a while, i have played ark for 600 hours, rust for 400 and 7 days to die for 100. i would really like to try this game out for an hour or 2 if thats possible. i am very responsible with my money and 40 bucks is quite alot. so is it possible for me to try out this game for an hour or 2 (like with steam refunds) and if i like it i will buy it. hopefully someone has a solution for me.

  • Howdy ! Sadly we dont have any demo for eco. You have to wait until eco releases on steam early access where you can refund it after within 2 hours

  • Any ETA on steam early access?
    If I buy it now will I get a steam EA key (Purchase say final steam key, just not sure if its EA or finished game key)?
    Are there any official servers? (not a big fan of losing all the time invested when the private server is taken down)

  • Don't know if there's any ETA yet but yes it includes all versions and a final steam key.

    On the Eco buy page:
    A digital copy of the game. Includes versions alpha, beta and final (Steam key). In-game icon as an alpha backer.

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