Questions about servers (pause,password,world size)

  • Hello,
    Thank you for taking an interest in my post.

    Question 1:

    • What happens when every player is logged out of a server. Does the world continue to run as normal with meteor approaching, plants growing, and animals fornicating?

      If the answer is YES to the above question;

      Is there any way to "PAUSE" the server while inactive? If there isn't a way to do so when can we expect it?

    Question 2:

    • Is there currently anyway of setting a server password?

      If the answer is YES to the above question;

      Can someone show me how this can be done!

      If the answer is NO to the above question;

      How soon can we expect server passwords, and if they wont be implemented at all, why?

    Question 3:

    • Is it possible to make world sizes much larger then currently implemented (1KM) ?

      If the answer is YES to the above question;

      How is it possible to generate a larger world?

      If the answer is NO to the above question;

      Can we expect implementation of larger worlds? If NO. How come?


  • Hi,

    Question 1

    I'm not very sure if everything continues however I was able to see that plants have been growing and skills points were developing. So I think the server just continues simulating while everyone is offline.

    Question 2

    I didn't find any server password. However under the "Users" Tab you can set the PrivateServer to "true" and configure a whitelist.

    Question 3

    Under the WorldGenerator Config Tab you can increase the dimensions. For example I've got a 200x200 Dimension which gives me a 4km² world size.

    Hope that helps you :-)

  • @Klaas regarding 3: World size
    How did you manage 200x200? Could you post your computer specs here? Because when I tried to make 500x500 I got a crash during world generation, so I tried 150x150 same thing, and lastly tried 110x110 and it also crashes leaving an unstable world gen. The default 100x100 works but I should mention that in all cases the cpu load maxes out and the cpu temp runs up to 82C (a very worrying temp for me but returns to 36C when it is complete).

    My specs: i7 4790k 4.0 ghz, 32gb DDR3 ram 1600mhz, liquid AIO cpu cooler, location of game folder is on an SSD. Idle temps 35C, normal load temps 55-60C.

    I would love 4km² world size but I was at a loss as to why I couldn't generate anything besides 100x100.

  • Question 1

    Yes, server continue to run without any players logged into it. This means that all simulations continue.

    Shutting the server down however results in the simulations stopping and restarting when you bring the server back up. You could handle this by setting a scheduled task on your server to shut down the Eco Server instance and restart at certain time.

    However, in regards to pausing the server when there are no users on the server for a time period of 30 minutes or something like that, currently this is not supported. If there is no plans in the mix for the actual code base of the game to include this, this can be moddable once we are able to obtain Server Events such as Player Joined and Player Left.

  • @Fizzgig

    I've got the server application running on a server.

    Processor: Intel i7 6700 with 8 Cores @ 3.40GHz
    Hard Drive. Just simple moving platter

    However the virtual Machine (KVM Windows) has only 2 CPUs assigned an 3GB RAM.

    I can't manage to generate the world from the management window. I have to change the server settings, save, shut down the server, clear the world from the hard drive and then start the server over to force it to generate the word. It takes however about 30 Minutes to generate.

  • @Klaas as for question 3 I think others say it is possible but I advise being cautious with this. There is an exponentially increasing stress on a server for every meter you add to the world. I've not played long but I did join a server with a small group fussing with generating a world they where happy with. They increased the world size to 200x200 from the default 100x100 and it was unplayable. After fussing with a few sizes they settled on 125x125 I think but even then there was a small but manageable increase.

  • @Gates At the moment we are 3 people around on the server and it works good. Sometimes there is a bit of a lag and the CPU usage is about 30%.

  • @Klaas Ok, I got it to generate 200x200. The problem was the "regenerate" command from the manager. After I deleted the pregenerated world and forced it to generate at load time it worked. Generation time took about 6 mins but that's probably because I threw the whole rig at it. I did not limit it with VM. Thanks for helping.