For the Citizens of Killservers Test

  • I'm hoping this reaches the guys from the server I play on. Looks like the server went down for some reason. Last time this happened it came back in a few hours. I wish we knew who ran that server so we could bug him xD But otherwise I hope to see you all soon!

  • Funny, I just noticed it go down today, I know a month later, but I ended up e-mailing killservers themselves, lol

  • Sorry i just noticed this post. The killservers test servers are servers that put up as public servers for people to go create a community and have fun on. We aren't always playing on them so might not notice if they do go down. We have them restarting on a schedule to make sure that will resolve connection issue but if you can't connect or the server does crash please feel free to email or ping me on the ECo Discord (look for Pam)

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