How do I screen shot?

  • I was just wonder how I screen shot since F12 doesn't seem to do it.

  • Howdy!. Screenshot ingame is a bit hard .. you can push your print screen button and then copy past that into paint.

  • Printscreen works, it just puts a jpeg in a folder. I never had to copy paste after taking a pic in any game

  • ohh what folder? sneaky eric must have implemented it i guess then hehe

  • I'm on win10, so every game I've pressed print screen on, I get a little notification that says; "the screenshot was added to your onedrive" and they're all there. So, idk if that's a win10 thing and one drive and microsoft just added that in win10. The pics could also be made syncable to the online icloud, just like steam library pics, in case someone just wants to link that and post them, instead of having to upload to say, imgur

  • Ahh i think that does not work with unity games that well because most systems dont even detect unity as a game window. Thats why like Nvidia shadowplay does not work well by it self in unity games

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