• Hello everyone.

    I am curious, Will, or is there a way to get a sapling or acorn or something to re-plant trees?

    In the Real world, I like to replant every tree I actually cut down for my hobbies, bow-making, furniture, decorations, nick-knacks etc, after a few hours in Eco, I have noticed, being the only person playing (localhost) there are few trees left and stumps everywhere, I'm aware stumps are supposed to decay over time, but is currently broken or something, not a big deal. I've also noticed that this hurts the ground significantly, and deteriorates the grass, and turns a sickly brown, which is fine, But just a curiosity.

    I want to have an arboretum to preserve and regrow my trees.

  • Hey there will be saplings =) they are for some reason just not in there yet

  • I think the stumps might currently regrow into new trees right now; either that or new trees spring up next to preexisting trees over time. i'm not 100% sure, but I AM pretty sure that the damaged ground eventually goes back to normal if it's left along, although I'm not sure exactly how long it takes (not longer than a day, I'm pretty sure).

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