Blast Furnace vs Bloomery

  • Figures below are based upon 0 skill points in speed or effiency.

    Logs have a fuel usage of 4,000J.

    Blast Furnace
    Fuel: 200J/s
    Ingots: 1 Ore = 1 Ingot + 2 Tailings / 30 sec
    Fuel usage: 6,000J per Ingot produced
    1 Ingot = 1.5 Logs if using Logs for Fuel

    Fuel: 50J/s
    Ingots: 1 Ore = 1 Ingot + 2 Tailings / 30 sec
    Fuel usage: 1,500J per Ingot
    1 Ingot = 0.375 Logs if using Logs for Fuel

    When working with Ingots, the Blast Furnace is 4x more expensive on fuel with absolutely no benefit.
    I recommend that the Blast Furnace should be more efficient than a Bloomery when making Ingots, given that it's a much more advanced piece of equipment. Once you are able to produce a Blast Furnace, the Bloomery should be replaced because it should be outdated and more inefficient.

    Some starter suggestions:
    Make the Blast Furnace Ingot recipes produce only 1 Tailing per Ingot produced
    Make the Blast Furnace have some kind of built-it Tailings reduction
    Make the Blast Furnace Ingot recipes have a much faster crafting time, which will improve the Fuel efficiency of that recipe.

    As it stands right now, you should never use the Blast Furnace for making Ingots, which seems counter intuitive as it should be an upgrade to a Bloomery, which is a very low-tech method of metals production.

  • Yeah, the balancing is pretty wacky right now. My assumption has always been that balancing will come later, maybe even not until beta.

    But I agree, this is a major balance issue. The blast furnace should make smelting more efficient in the volume of ingots produced, and a decrease in tailings only makes sense. Reducing the craft time makes sense as well, but is by itself not nearly enough to justify smelting in the blast furnace, especially when the blast furnace can be used to constantly make charcoal (something else that is imbalanced and deserves a whole other topic).

  • yea balancing will come later .. its more of a place holder / looking how that works and changing later to see how that works etc . But thanks for the feedback =)

  • i think the blast furnis should not produce any tailings and just put all that tailings into air pollution instead causing more then just 1ppm per houre when smelting ore

  • This I want fixed is the blast should turn out more ingots in a given time and/or less tails. Or the other way around.

    The bloom and blast shouldn't be the same as far as the time it takes to make a ingot and the tailing

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