Just some suggestions

  • Some ideas i came up with with only 20 minutes playing the game.
    ** NOTE: I may be repeating ideas that have come up in the past. I did a minor amount of searching if some people mentioned these ideas.

    1. You should be able to exit chests by pressing escape instead of opening the menu. It gets kinda irritating.

    2. Have whitelist, blacklist, and admin list be changed to be their own respective text documents. This is for the few people whom do not know how to properly add in names into said respective areas. Similar to how the profanity filter is implemented. Blacklist and Whitelist should have a True/Flase option to be able to enable and disable the whitelist/blacklist.

    3. Password option for the server so that you can just set a password and not have to worry about having to add more people to the whitelist continuously if you do wish to keep the server private. This is so that if people that are on a server can invite friends with out having to ask respective admins from getting online to specifically add a single person to the whitelist. Also I am not 100% sure on this idea but i think whitelisted people should be able to bypass the server password if there is one.

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