Ideas: Molecular Gastronomy, Clay

  • Hi. I am preparing an idea for Devs and Admins

    I want to present an idea to start Molecular Gastronomy.
    Idea have at least two new mechanics which are not implemented in game but may be required.

    I am looking for upvotes, feedback and logical constructive criticism.
    This post will change to match my current knowledge / based on Your thoughts.

    Clay Idea 1 - origin

    An uncommon resource near/in lakes, ponds or at the seashore.

    • (Lower Tech)

    Clay could be reformed into Ceramics by using Kiln.

    • (Higher Tech)

    Clay could be reformed into Ceramics by using Furnace

    • (option)

    Proper clay hydration may be the key (water not implemented)


    How Does it look?

    Probably like a dirt block but grey in colour


    Clay Workbench

    Workbench -> Potter’s Wheel (new Clay low tech workbench)
    (Requires wood logs or boards to craft]
    [Skills: Workbench craft -> Engineering Skill Tree]
    [Pottery Skill Book: 30 lumps of Clay, 15 minutes, Research Table]

    • [Level one - Potter’s Wheel, Clay Bowl (cooking purpose), Clay Jug (cooking purpose, to move water for boiling ecc)]

    • [Level two - Wooden Bathtub (module), Clay Molds (different, as module)]

    Wooden Bathtub (requires water and clay)
    Module for Potter’s Wheel or Clay Furnace which allows us to craft different Clay recipes

    Clay Molds
    Those will be required before we start Casting

    • [Level Three - Clay Brick/Mud Brick (ingredient -> use Kiln to create a brick or Clay Furnace]

    • [Level Four - Clay Furnace/Mud Mound]

    • [Level Five - Clay Pot, Clay Vase (decoration example)]
      Empty Clay Pot - A pot of clay that may use as a decoration or agriculture purpose.
      Fill with dirt, Plant a seed, Irrigate with water, Wait for growth


    You can create Charcoal in Clay Furnace

    I understand that this idea might be imbalanced with Your current skill tree but perhaps a few swaps are required? Making charcoal can be harder if You:

    • Lower energy demand and increase production time
    • Lower energy (KJ) of final product
    • Mound may be destroyed after use
    • Increase Skill Point cost of level 3 or swap it with level 5
    • Add additional skill to operate furnace properly



    Skill Tree option 1:
    Engineering -> Pottery -> Pottery Speed -> Pottery Efficiency

    Skill Tree option 2 (hard):
    Engineering -> Pottery ->Pottery Speed -> Pottery Efficiency
    ->Manufacturing -> Casting (?)[as a prerequisite or requirement]

    (Other options: Batching, Firing, Molding ecc.)


    Clay Idea 2

    Clay can be used to craft decorations at the beginning and Ceramics later in the game
    We could craft 'molds' as a modules for creating specific decorations/items/other

    New resource - Ceramics

    Learning pottery from scratch -> Search continues:

    New resources (let's pick something) - Polished Stone, Ceramic Glaze, Baking Stone, Stoneware, Earthenware
    Alternative resource to Ceramics - Porcelain

    Glass bakeware - if we go this way we may end up with -> Industrial Enamel also known as Steel Glass
    This may be good idea as You have nothing more for Glass at the moment, right?

    **Glass => Jars => Jam/Jelly (new cooking recipes) **

    New Workbenches:

    That's the Molecular Gastronomy entry which requires Plastics and Elk Wellingtons.

    Workbench crafted at Anvil with Blast Furnace (so it must be a lot of skill points to invest) or as community advanced to Steel

    Ceramic Furnace - requires brick room to work
    Ceramic Tile Cutter - requires brick room to work or it is a module to a Ceramic Furnace or Furnace

    Ceramic tiles will be required to place new cooking workbenches

    Molecular Gastronomy Entry Achieved!

    Two new cooking workbenches:

    Modern Kitchen > Modern Sideboard/Buffet > Requires Ceramic Tiles
    Modern Stove > Ceramic Cooker > Requires Ceramic Tiles

    This post will change to match my current knowledge / based on Your thoughts.

  • +1 Great Idea!

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