What am I doing wrong with farming?

  • Got a hoe. Hoe'd some ground. Planted 12 beets. None, grew, then they all turned brown. Why?

  • You are not doing anything wrong. In the current build farming is not working properly. It's being worked on and is supposed to be reworked in Alpha 5.5.

  • In Staging 5.5 #e2853f91 the Hoe can clear grass and such but won't till the soil for planting, so there's still a bit to go...

  • Yeah hopefully next build will fix that up. Has farming ever worked people were telling me no but I hear people talking about farms all the time on servers I visited. Can certain things be farmed/planted without tilling?

  • @Kane-Hart You can plant tree saplings which will grow fine and, with a lot of luck, you can even get a few seeds to grow.
    Before I knew it was broken in 5.4 I planted like 20 seeds. 1 Wheat survived and grew to 100% after 90hours.

  • Ahh thank you for the info :)

  • In staging, the hoe is broken due to some interaction changes. There problems have been fixed and will be definitely included when we release 5.5. They'll probably be in a staging build soon, but I can't promise anything.

    In 5.4 successfully farming is more or less at the whim of the ecosystem simulation which often decides that the plants you've planted should die. I would basically write it off as broken/not worth trying in 5.4.

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