Rezoken's Mods: Shovel Improvement

  • Modification to the shovel item.

    Version 5.4 Release


    Modification to the shovel item to allow for getting 10 items instead of 1 from containers (i.e. storage chests and carts).


    Install Instructions:
    Replace ShovelItem.cs under the directory Server / Mods / Tools

    Current Issues:

    • None

  • I'm very new but is the purpose of this to prevent people from needing placing chests and such to stack up to 10 items? I keep hearing this 10 chest thing a lot :)

    Thanks for your contributions!

  • The purpose of this mod is to enable you to left click on a chest or cart with the shovel and pull a full stack of 10 out of the chest, similar to how you can currently do it by dragging it to your carry slot.

  • Thanks, Now that I have had more time in the game and understand things this feature is beyond useful

  • Just in case anyone is wondering in the 5.5 staging release you can edit the value on line 68 from 1 to 10 to make it work in 5.5.

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