Rezoken's Mods: Increase Carry Capacity Skill

  • Modification to include a new survival skill.

    Version 5.4 Release

    Learn new skill under Survival Skill Tree.

    Introduction of a new skill under the survival tree called "Strength". Will increase your maximum carry capacity by 5 KG's per level to a maximum of 5 levels, or 45 KG's.


    Install Instructions:
    Place Strength.cs under the directory Server / Mods / AutoGen / Tech
    Place LearnStrengthCommand.cs under the directory Server / Mods / Commands

    Current Issues:

    • If you introduce this mod into an existing server, all existing users will not be able to learn the skill. To resolve this, the user must use the command "/learnstrength" has provided in the above LearnStringCommand.cs, which will give them level 0 of the skill and they can start learning it. This will be fixed once we get server events such as "PlayerConnected".

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