Vanishing dirt road ramp and chest

  • I had a dirt road ramp vanish as soon as I placed it. I could jump around in the place it was supposed to be but I couldn't place anything there. I had placed a chest nearby so I could collect dirt I was digging to shape the road. I re logged into the game to see if it would help with the vanishing ramp, and it did work, however now the chest half full of dirt is invisible, will not reappear, and causes my cart to stop and get stuck on nothing anytime I drive by. Now when I log in there is a hole in the ground that falls out of the map while everything is loading right where both the ramp and chest disappeared.

  • I figured out the problem. A ramp had glitched and was in the same block as the chest. I removed the ramp and the chest reappeared.

  • grunch i got locked out can you tell freshman818 to restart the server

  • im also locked out. the server needs to be restarted i would assume.

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