Idea's and feedback

  • Are you going to allow us to remodel? Also better physics? I was going to buy the source and help you remodel. I don't know what your trying to get this game to look like, Minecraft, or take a turn Rust / ARC look.

    I might get it... To help you along the way, this game looks like it has so much potential.

    -> Sick function -> Not eating right... Bad food... etc.

    -> Fall Damage.
    --> Animal's attack - Temper, tame,

    -> Skill Point gain -> Eating right, Doing other tasks. Helping others, etc...

    -> Cattle raising - Help to repopulate the animals, cattle get sick (bad meat: if you eat you get sick.), Bad living: Death. etc.

    -> For coal burning... Different texture for the waste, more like Burnt Coal Ash, -> (Pollution: High, Turns - Lakes, Rivers, and Sea -> Black, If Sea life = Death, Tree = Slow Death, Plants = Low toxicity depending on pollution rate, Etc.)

    • Just some idea's, this game can really go anywhere. I really like it. Maybe one day I'll convince myself to buy the source and help you out fixing and implementing new thing.

    -- Rust and ARC killer for sure. --

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