Just a bit too expensive

  • I personally think the price tag is fine. I've heard a lot of complaints about expensive games in alpha but I think you need that throttle on your player base during alpha. Making a game more accessible may create a bigger community and short term gain but it has a way of burning new games out before they finish and you spend more time fighting hackers and malcontents.

  • Well... Elite Dangerous alpha was for 300$ so 40$ isn't that much.

  • @Foolish_Crok yikes! That's alot of cash.

  • i bought the elite alpha for 200£ .. never seen any complaints about that on there forums ..

  • I don't have much money myself my mates helped out and pitched in for a 4 pack. That being said I 100% understand why their doing it. They don't want the game to have 100k players right now. They like I assume most devs a small trickle for now to fund their habits.

  • They already explained why the price was so much, they only want dedicated testers, and not a bunch of people to just play the game. Its not released yet, dedication and loyalty are more important than a large player base

  • Remember we all brought NMS (no man sky) and it was bearly Alpha.
    I'm retired and on a low fixed income and I brought ECO. Love what I seen in the videos.

    Keep up the great work DEVS

  • Bringing NMS into this discussion is simply savage :D
    I was hyped... we all make mistakes :)

  • ohh yes we all did .. sadly .. This was the one time i actually got a refund for anything hehe

  • For my area, 40$ is around $200 because of the money currency issues. I would love to buy and play this game but for now........ cant. Maybe i can at least wait the price to be below $100 and i will consider to buy with my own money.

    Well, the reason i wanna this game is because it encourage us to play as a team, supporting each others and make every player cannot become perfect. Teamwork will be the most needed.

    Dev Team, do your best for this game and its players.

  • I would buy this game right now if it was $20 or less... If they want people on-board they should lower it. They should check on how many people have it on their wish list and then lower the game to $20 for a short time to see how many people buy it. I would rather buy 3 or 4 cheaper games than just one game especially if we dont know what the future holds for the game you know? this isn't the stock market, this is a steam PC game so they should make the risk vs reward more feasible.

    $30-$40 is more like a final release game so imagine how much money this game will be once they are done? LOL!

  • Well they have lowered the price when it went to steam as far as I'm aware. It used to be 40 USD I'm pretty sure it's now 30 USD

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