Just a bit too expensive

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  • @Sr_Tregras Then wait for steam release.

  • See, it worked, they just don´t want People to buy the Game to just play it as a Game and then complain because of Bugs.

  • @Caduryn They did not want people to buy the game in alpha and stop playing the game cause of bugs and never touch it again so it would be better to let these people who cannot deal with bugs to wait for steam release where most of the bugs will be fixed and the price will be lowerd.
    The benefit of having a higher price during this early in alpha would be you would only get the people that truly believe in the game to help out testing and reporting of bugs.
    The downside is you get a bunch of people who cannot afford 40 bucks to buy the game a few months earlyer then the steam release where they did hint at a price tag at around 20bucks.

    So... if you cannot afford 40bucks to play an alpha version of the game or dont want to deal with this many bugs that are currently in the game... wait for steam release.
    It's so simple.
    However the is no pleasing some people.
    If the game instead would not be open alpha people would complain about it not been released... kind of jumping up and down in the backseat going "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? what's taking so long?".
    If the game would be let's say 5bucks ( let's go over cheap since we are dealing with people that do not think supporting indie devs is a good thing but they would probobly buy a AAA game for 60 bucks or more ) we would get alot of people buying the game... but... we would also get a large % of those people going "uuuugh... buggs..." and uninstall the game to NEVER touch it again not even when all those bugs are fixed with the main resoning "i tryed it during the alpha... i did not like it... it was too buggy".
    And it could be something realy silly like in 5.3 the block placement was realy wonky wich they fixed in 5.4 but if someone made ther mind up that they did not like the block placement they would NEVER bother to revisit the game or check "did they change this?" unless someone took a black magic marker and wrote it on ther screen.

    So... 40bucks too much... dont want to support indie devs so they can put more hours into the game before release... dont like bugs... wait for steam release.

  • Just gotta say. I liked it so much, I went up a Tier to give more support and buy a coffee or two for the dev team.

  • I just bought the 4pack. 1 game is left.

  • yeah, i myself did buy it because with this game i myself very much support the goals and concept, however i think this is the only game i have ever bought for more than 20ish $ aside from pre-ordering the collectors version of spore... something i admit i was disappointed in due to the head director's intervention to stem overly evolution esk concepts in the game any more than they could (originally that game was going to be far far more realistic and in depth, however as time went on more and more red tape killed its potential). i would consider jumping up a tier, but a few hundred $ to do so is steep

  • @tbbw82 You don´t need to tell me because i already meant that in my Post. ^^

  • I personally think the price tag is fine. I've heard a lot of complaints about expensive games in alpha but I think you need that throttle on your player base during alpha. Making a game more accessible may create a bigger community and short term gain but it has a way of burning new games out before they finish and you spend more time fighting hackers and malcontents.

  • Well... Elite Dangerous alpha was for 300$ so 40$ isn't that much.

  • @Foolish_Crok yikes! That's alot of cash.

  • i bought the elite alpha for 200£ .. never seen any complaints about that on there forums ..

  • I don't have much money myself my mates helped out and pitched in for a 4 pack. That being said I 100% understand why their doing it. They don't want the game to have 100k players right now. They like I assume most devs a small trickle for now to fund their habits.

  • They already explained why the price was so much, they only want dedicated testers, and not a bunch of people to just play the game. Its not released yet, dedication and loyalty are more important than a large player base

  • Remember we all brought NMS (no man sky) and it was bearly Alpha.
    I'm retired and on a low fixed income and I brought ECO. Love what I seen in the videos.

    Keep up the great work DEVS

  • Bringing NMS into this discussion is simply savage :D
    I was hyped... we all make mistakes :)

  • ohh yes we all did .. sadly .. This was the one time i actually got a refund for anything hehe

  • For my area, 40$ is around $200 because of the money currency issues. I would love to buy and play this game but for now........ cant. Maybe i can at least wait the price to be below $100 and i will consider to buy with my own money.

    Well, the reason i wanna this game is because it encourage us to play as a team, supporting each others and make every player cannot become perfect. Teamwork will be the most needed.

    Dev Team, do your best for this game and its players.

  • I would buy this game right now if it was $20 or less... If they want people on-board they should lower it. They should check on how many people have it on their wish list and then lower the game to $20 for a short time to see how many people buy it. I would rather buy 3 or 4 cheaper games than just one game especially if we dont know what the future holds for the game you know? this isn't the stock market, this is a steam PC game so they should make the risk vs reward more feasible.

    $30-$40 is more like a final release game so imagine how much money this game will be once they are done? LOL!

  • Well they have lowered the price when it went to steam as far as I'm aware. It used to be 40 USD I'm pretty sure it's now 30 USD

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