Having trouble Making mods work ?

  • Hello , im hoping som1 can help me , im having trouble impliminting the "home" mod on my server , all i have tried is the following

    • downloaded the home.cs fire
    • Placed it under the Mods / Commands Folder
    • restarted server

    from there the server does not come back online , says pid of 0 and will not pop up on the server list

    i have been trying to make this work and/or try and find a good tutorial on how to do this correctly to no avail . hopfully som1 from the community can help me out thanks .

  • 5.4 broke recently most mods .. so it might be that causing your issue

  • @NoBlackThunder do we have a list of what ones work , and what ones dont ?

  • i think most mods and mods that use send message to players .. i have not checked what happent / changed .. i can take a look at that tomorrow when its not so late like now

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