Hunting hares

  • I've seen videos people have uploaded where hares literally stand still and let people shoot them, but on my server (I'm on a private server at the moment), on the rare occasion when I actually FIND a hare, I have a 0% chance of actually hitting it; they immediately dart beyond my site or dart around to where it's impossible to actually hit them. What am I doing wrong?

  • Walk slowly and shoot them from as far as possible. Its easy to do once you get the aiming down. Little terds were pretty hard to hit when I first started playing. Good luck let me know how that goes for you.

  • i took the liberty of fixing the typo in the title =P

  • No dice.. As soon as I spot one, it darts beyond my site, and they don't stay still long enough for me to target them anyway. Hunting needs to be reevaluated in this game. It shouldn't be easy, but it's basically impossible in my opinion. How about trapping instead?

  • Have you tried the option with your view distance ? It might be shorther than the hares attention range so they flee before you see them because they have noticed you already.
    Hunting is pretty easy if you spot the animals without them noticing you.

  • I had not tried changing the view distance (didn't realize it was an option). That seems promising. Thanks for the tip!

  • I agree they are a pain. Giving there is a ton of elk, I would just hunt for them. They are glitched and stupid easy to hit. It takes 2 shots to kill them, and I think a lvl 2 or 3 campfire can cook them.

    There is a trick you can use. If you have a building that is a single story. Put walls all around your roof. Over a short time, you will find elks and what not going on your roof and getting stuck. Leave them, and then after a day or so there will be a crap ton up there. Easy killing (I know it's a glitch, but still)

  • For some reason hares seem to like to live on my roof. I go up there and sometimes they stand still...sometimes I can actually stand on top of them and they wont move, but in the open, yeah...they are near impossible to hit. 30 arrows usually to kill 1

  • Another thing to try is to explore along difficult terrain. I've found a few 'sweet spots' near waterfalls and cliffs where the animals pathing gets confused by the terrain and they hold still enough to shoot very easy.

  • I too am having issues with hunting hares in particular. I get that it should be hard, but too hard makes it so I don't want to play at all and I bet I'm not alone. Nothing should actually put you off playing the game. I am not the best at targeting I know but I can down turkeys, foxes, elks and bison eventually but hares are virtually impossible. I have my view distance on max and have spent hours slowly approaching them but they always run before I am in range to shoot. Please look at balancing this.

  • if you can see them sitting , you can hit them , you just have to learn how to aim ,, and it can take a few shots to zero in but if you are far enough away they wont even run while you shoot near them. ,, just , if you see one , dont move and shoot from where your at.

    Good Luck ,,, its hard but not That hard ,, i can hit em 2 or 3 shots and i get em or i just run after em and shoot em on the run ,, its harder but more fun and you get closer lol.

  • I have also had the same exact problem. On my personal server the rabbits run away at a distance they shouldn't, I know that because on my friends server the rabbits act normal. I have no idea why they do this. They are always running only stopping for 3 seconds then running again!

  • I think an easy fix for it is by having them and other animals that do that to stop, play a long animation like the elk, and then move.

    That or make how they move more real.

    I found rabbits, fox, and wolf tend to be about impossible to hit due to them zip across. Several times, I shoot at them while they are there, but they teleport away right before it hits.

  • Yes I have had a weird occurance like that too, where I found an invincible hare that when I hit it with an arrow I saw it bounce off and go 5 blocks away not killing the rabbit.

  • they should implement something like rabbit traps..
    rabbits are like in population size of 300-400s im most maps i see
    i dont think 20-30 rabbit traps would kill the rabbit population considering they should be breeding like rabbits

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