Question about access invitations

  • I have an extra key collecting dust and I'd like to donate it to someone for a giveaway, so I'm trying to verify how the system functions. If I send them an invitation does that give them a key which they can then give to someone else, or is it locked to the email address I send it to? If it's reusable, would that mean I can send the invitation to the same email I used for my account just so I can generate the extra key? I don't really care how it's accomplished, I just don't want to have to ask for the winner's email address, or ask my friend to do the giveaway without the key in hand.

  • Good Day Hawk,

    Glad to see more survivors joining the community. The way the current system operates based on my own experience since I got the 4 pack, is you use the invite function on your account and input the email of the winner in your case, it then gives them a private personal link to follow for them to then set up their account with ECO and download the game. As of current there is no 'key' as such that is generated it is operated through private email invites. The only way this would is to ask for their email or one that that they can get access to, in order to get the link. Perhaps you can do this though say Discord or other private messaging system.

    If your looking to get the key moving alone quickly I have a number of contacts eager to get involved in the game.

  • Howdy ! The invite is locked to the person you send it to . Its also a good idea to not write a wrong mail because our account system is also something that is still work in progress and makes it a bit hard to track down and correct those wrongly typed email addresses. So you have sadly to ask the winner for there mail address

  • Thanks folks, that's exactly what I needed to know. An email address is not a big deal, I'm just trying to maximize security so everybody has a positive experience. I appreciate the feedback!

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