Overlay for land claims

  • While putting down the land claim beacons, it would be nice to see the boundaries of the claims that exist, color coded of course, as well as the new claim that is being made. I'm imagining a transparent overlay for the 5x5 area or an outline of the region owned. It would be very helpful to see the area instead of having to move the beacon around to see what is and isn't owned.

  • Or maybe a top down map showing all owned claims?

  • You can already see a top down map on the world map with an overlay there. What I'm suggesting would be for the main view to help in placing new claims and possibly building within your claim.

  • Good idea, an overlay grid would also be handy for planting crops or digging up dirt.

  • Part of the above is implemented.
    Please add your idea to EcoIssues as it would be handy, too.