5.4 bugs

  • These are things I noticed in 5.4 so far

    1. I think this was mentioned bit tailoring table doesn't work

    2. Anamals can sometimes like be a horde levels like I seen 50 bunny's and turkeys in the same area stuck by a Clift and like 20 eLk on someone house.

    3. The cart will sometimes catapult u arround and it very buggy at times.

    4. You can't split things into stacks.

    5. Trying to place stairs they default into a north/south direction so making east/west facing stair cases is really hard.
      (If this is to hard too understand I'll make a video to show you what I mean) and I think can be fixed with allow us to place them like ramps.

    6. Wheat is the most doment plant.(no idea if this is just the server I'm on) and beans are rare.

    7. Araguculture is broken plants don't want to grow most die even in ideal conditions.

    1. The out of game charts are bugged and is missing allot of info (no idea if that's server related)

  • Has anyone noticed any of these also?

  • I believe all of these have been noticed before.

    Agriculture will actually work in 5.5. Not sure about carts though XD

    Placement of things like stairs and roofs is likely to get a big revamp later down the line.

    Back in Alpha 4, Wheat was relatively rare, which caused a big problem. I think they've overcompensated for that problem. The rarity of beans is due to world generation not creating very many forest blocks. This is a known issue.

  • Yea I can see wheat being rare being a huge issue it kind of a requirement for higher level cooking lol.

  • Nes already answered most of these, but I'll throw in a reply anyway.

    1. Tailoring is known to be non-functional. It will likely be fixed in 5.5, but since that isn't in our staging build at this exact moment I don't want to guarantee anything.

    2. This is a spawning bug and has been fixed in 5.5.

    3. The carts being wonky is definitely known. We have a very competent person who just started fixing it up, so hopefully we'll see some carts that actually obey the laws of physics soon.

    4. This is actually fixed in the 5.5 staging build (if you want to try it - most other things in 5.5 staging are broken).

    5. Yea, this is a known issue and a deeper issue than it would seem on the surface. This is something that WILL be fixed eventually, but I have no solid ETA.

    6. Map generation is something that is still tweaked every release but, since a lot of servers don't regen maps that often, it may get unnoticed. Most plants are being significantly reduced in population in 5.5 and those that seems absurdly rare (beans) will get slightly more common. There won't be, however, endless fields of wild wheat anymore.

    7. Fortunately for 5.4, the fact that there were endless amounts of naturally available food resources covered for the fact that farming straight didn't work. Farming is fixed in 5.5 along with getting a new layer of (optional) complexity for those dedicated to it.

    8. I'm not sure about this one, but we've received reports of this happening as well.

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