Multiple buildings for each speciality

  • Anyone else find it weird you have to build an entire building for a crafting table? Is this just for alpha? Seems like a good way to need a lot of buildings instead of having one large building with multiple rooms with tools in it.

    Just looking for thoughts :)

  • at first yes .. but after having played around in pre alpha i don't think so anymore actually

  • I see why it would make sense to just have a workbench in the middle of the woods in a video game, but at the same time, you would want a workbench inside of a place or near a place that specializes in making things. Depends on the building requirements. Perhaps the req. for the buildings can be tweaked in the future. Instead of a building, you just need a corner or a small wooden floor and walls to place your bench at.

    For bigger things like Smithing, I think it's important to have a whole building since it adds to the game in a positive way.

  • Bingo,

    My point was if I have a huge house with multiple rooms I should be able to populate a room with item.

  • Perhaps like you said it needs to be tied to an enclosure with certain requirements etc. For more advanced objects. Smith etc.

  • yeah, the specific buildings is really slowing things down, building should be of expression not of necessity if we have pvp in this game, loosing all your stuff will be a LONG tedious process that takes open secluded areas that you hope never get found

  • I saw somewhere, that one can make a building, and at the opening of the first building start a new one, and sort of 'join' them together, most all of the building have a low footprint requirement, in pure theory, one could build a relatively large "house" with all these specialty rooms, currently, I have all my buildings scattered out, and having them all joined or rooms would be ideal, but it requires so much wood haha.

  • You can make a big house with rooms.
    You just have to plan the new building with one wall overlaping an already built wall.
    You'll be able to remove blocks from that wall to make a door (to be verifyed, once I could, once it was impossible).
    I managed to build 3 workshop tied to each others to save some ressources.

  • I can't remove walls from my existing buildings, and my butcher wouldn't recognize the lower level until it was all filled so there was no door...pretty big problem!

  • @Yurameki I'm having this problem on occasions, sometimes restarting the client allows me to take down previously placed wall blocks, just now I trapped myself in my mill, but was able to remove two blocks after I'd finished it. It seems pretty hit or miss on blocks considered walls being removed.

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