City planning.

  • Whenever I play, it seems like some people don't fully understand the concept of this game; which is to work together with everybody. Instead, it seems that there becomes small groups of players here and there and some loners. Buildings that get built seem to be spaced out over large areas. It really doesn't feel like a village. It just feels like a landscape with structures placed haphazardly. I suggest having some sort of "city planner"; a way to zone if you will. The city planner will zone for residential and industry/commerce. Some way to make this game orderly instead of chaotic.

  • Well all it takes to make a town or city is a majority agree where it will be and build roads to and from it... the loners will eventualy give in once running back and forth becomes too annoying :)

  • I'm a loner. I much prefer single player games. I don't mind all that running back and forth. It's part of the fun. I love games where you start out in the woods, and stone by stone, brick by brick, tree by tree, you slowly build up a city. I have loved this idea for years and I still play these kinds of games. But ECO is the only one that has this ability, AND keeps the environment in check. I love that ! So please, make it an option for single player vs multiplayer. I most of the time will play as a loner and everyonce in a while I might play with others, but rarely.

  • i agree - i seen on one server - there alot of buildings scattered around - i think a council system would be useful for setting up the lands and rights - example you cant build outside the limits etc

  • I have to agree with it in one regard of keeping​ a town organized but I disagree as I also like to have a cabin in the woods or by a lake if I want to build there and travel back and forth for goods that's my call it's more fun to have that option. I think the "mayor" should be able to designate lots within the main town but outside that it would ruin much of the fun

  • On one server I play on we have a shopping center with all the stores and industry buildings near it but noone lives near the mall it was claimed to allow the mall to expand and everyone has to come to it. We like it and it works well

  • I like this idea. The players on my server are very good at working all together as 1 big group and mostly are building all together. With space for big roads in the future of course. I'm going to try to implement this on my server.


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