UK OldGits Server 24/7 Dedicated

  • Hey all .....


    Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Myself and a friend have setup a server in the UK. We started a server is because we love the game and tired of servers resetting without warning. We aim to communicate server wipes when possible. We will be keeping the server up to date. If we have to wipe for updates then Skills and Resources may be spawned in for all players.


    We are looking for other mature players to come and play. We are open to all types of players. If you want to play solo and trade that is cool with us. If you want to start a town then you will have to register this interest to us. Depending on the skills you unlock you may be invited to the town we are creating.


    Server IP

    Or look for UK OldGits Server



    Hope to see you in game.

  • Update

    Elk City is the main town and open to residents. We have some trade shops. All players are welcome to build a shop in this town.

    A second town is under construction. A road connecting to the two towns is underway.

  • Hi, im new to the game, Will Buy it when i get home. I watched a few tutorial videos but i just wanna check how open you are to noobs. I Will try the game solo when o get home, just don't want to other you with my lov skill level.


  • The game is all about community so if your new it wont matter there will be someone to help, don't be afraid....

  • This is coming along nicely now, roads are starting to be built and theirs talk of joining some of the settlements together, we have a good core of people online now. A library will be built in Elk Town to house skill scrolls if anyone needs them.

  • I take it that the meteor is disabled?

  • That is correct, at the moment we are mostly building up towns and connecting them

  • Hi Guys,

    Just a quick one, is there a problem with your server or is it my end? (I'm not getting passed 'Loading Objects 100%').

    Other servers are okay...

  • @madblackeye
    Hiya mate, have a look at this forum post, i had the same issue as you this morning.

    I would go onto Discord and try to chase down a server admin to resolve this for you.


  • As soon as Artis comes on i will get him to set me up as a server admin as i'am normally around during the day, there seems to be a few of us including me so i can't do anything within game anyway, it could just be the loading objects bug or the server might need a re-boot. Please bear with us on this and we will sort it as soon as possible.


  • @granpa & @Astranoth

    Thanks guys, Just so you know my in-game exact name is Madblackeye (Capital 'M')

  • Ok guys could you try now please

  • I'll give it a go in about 90 minutes, get of work at 19:00. Will update here/Discord if i'm still having issues.

  • @granpa I'm in Thanks granpa :)

  • Hello all. Just purchased the game and joined a random server for a few minutes to check it out. I added your server and joined the Discord. Look forward to checking out the game!

  • Want to thank everyone that is playing with us. I really appreciate the community and it's only been a few days.

    Discord is setup so that we can communicate out of game. Future plans for the server will be discussed openly there. All members input is appreciated.

  • Update

    Settlements are taking shape. Elk City is being connected by road and bridge. This will hopefully encourage trade.

    A rise in pollution as occurred in Elk City. It as been disposed off in a secure waste dump.

    Granpa is busy building a library and town hall. Elections are looming and I sense a struggle for power.

  • Is there any candidate's yet? Also wanna state that my tailor/lumber mill is slowly coming along, but will be open for business soon

  • I was on the server briefly, as it seemed like the crew on this server is a good group. I claimed some land and made a windmill on somebody's workbench. However, once I logged off I got hit by the same "loading objects 100%" and then stuck error. Any way to fix that?

  • Yup we can do that ingame, is this your game login name as well.

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