Question about farming

  • Hey guys,

    I have a question about farming.
    I tried building a farm in 2 locations that both seemed adequate to me.
    One a lot closer to water then the other one.
    The one further away from the water seems to be growing the crops fine, though it takes a while before any of them are harvestable.
    The other one close to water was unworkable though.
    As soon as I put the seeds down on the tilled land they disappeared and brown blotches took their place.
    What am I missing here?


  • yea that is not a good image .. thought my self something was wrong .. but that is actually a grow state .. this needs to be refined i thinks =)

  • So, that's a growth state of the Cabas bulb?
    Because I didn't have that with the berries.

  • Yes, the brown blotches are actually a growth state for Cabas bulbs and Bunchgrass, it is not a withered plant. It is quite confusing, yes. The plants take quite some time (around half a day?) to become fully grown, according to my experience.

  • added it to the bug tracker as a feedback =)

  • Also one of the "growth" states for huckleberries after the seed state is bare ground...maybe a missing texture? was very confused when all my berry plants vanished...

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