Community Research.

  • Good Day fellow survivalists, Assassin here with another suggestion in regards to game play in general.

    I have been playing Alpha 5.4 for a number of hours now, still loving the new improvements, keep them coming. As I have mentioned before I am playing on a small private server with a few close friends and as we have been playing we have been observing various mechanics that we would enjoy seeing in the game in the future.

    One of the major aspects of this game is the community involvement. This is at the core of this game and its greatest mechanic, however progression does not join in with this theme. What I am referring to is Research.

    One major issue we have faced while working in a small net community of friends is that one or two individuals are forced to 'save' their Skill Points in order to gain the higher tier skills. Thus they are locked out of working towards a personal trade or perusing a trade until this higher tier research has been completed.

    What we would like to propose is that anything form of Research tab completed in the Research Table can be contributed by anyone. To explain this I'll use an example, say I want to unlock Culinary Arts, this requires me to first use my Skills Tab to unlock Advance Culinary Research, and then go to the Research Table add in the necessary Raw Resources to Create the Research Book for Culinary Arts. What we would like to propose is that for Core Research (Anything within the Research Tab of the Skills Menu) be completed in the Research Tab by going to the Research Table and adding Skill Points much like adding Raw Resources to complete the corresponding Research's Skill Book. So in the case of my Example in the Research Table I would place the 5 Prepared Meat and 10 Flatbread but also beside the cost of resources can be an additional Add Skill Points button (Perhaps in Blue 0/400) , This would drain form your Personal Pool to the Research Table depending on how many points you wish to contribute and once the necessary amount has been added then the Book can be Ordered as normal.

    Through this mechanic everyone can contribute their own Skill Points towards any given Core Research, thus allowing a more community involvement in overall tech advancement rather than having 1 or 2 of the group forced to wait to allow everyone to benefit. Since the Skill Book created can produce infinite Scrolls then everyone would benefit from contributing. It makes more sense to allow many hands to make the work load lighter, since this is the core of this game it would make sense that something to this extent could be considered.

    I thank you for taking the time to read through my idea, hopefully we can bring forward a few more over the next few days and weeks I look forward to helping this game reach its full potential. Feel free to comment below with any concerns or additions. I hope the core idea has be described though if not I am more than willing to explain in greater detail.