Location Beacons / Waypoints.

  • Good Day fellow survivalists, Assassin here with another suggestion in regards to game play in general.

    I have been playing Alpha 5.4 for a number of hours now, still loving the new improvements, keep them coming. As I have mentioned before I am playing on a small private server with a few close friends and as we have been playing we have been observing various mechanics that we would enjoy seeing in the game in the future.

    While we have been exploring or vast and beautiful planet we have stumbled across various useful locations however when the time comes to physically make use of these locations namely sources of Gold, Iron, vegetation it can be difficult to remember their exact locations.

    Thus we would like to suggest a form of Location Beacon to be added to the world map. Ideally the ability to place Waypoints or Beacons that would be private as well as the ability to become public so the remainder of our team can be aware of locations for new mines, etc.

    I thank you for taking the time to read through my idea, hopefully we can bring forward a few more over the next few days and weeks I look forward to helping this game reach its full potential. Feel free to comment below with any concerns or additions, or if you would like me to clarify any details.

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