Alpha 5.4 Some bugs.

    1. When on client you get the video will mess up and see black . No not my video card. other clients work just fine.
    2. tailor table still buged.
    3. placing Items like brick wall fence and stuff. It will dig a hole in grown and place it there. or place in front or back like it off or something when trying to place them on grown or stacking..
    4. town hall table keeps placing all deeds in it .. you try to delete it wont work or place them in a chest wont work .. keep placing more more deeds in town hall table. lol kinda funny.
      5 . items photos are not matching up with what they are example. in table and fire place. like charred beet is like photo of a brick .

  • Moin,

    to point 1:
    Did you have Install your Latest Graphicdriver and the latest .NET Version (4.6.2)?

    to point 5:
    The Icons are Placeholder, i think.

    For the other Points i think NoBlackThunder will read it and make issue reports.


  • just notice the updates on 5.4 you did .. client seem to working better now. and placing items. town hall table still not working right

    1. Could you provide more information about that issue? How often is that happening? are there animals nearby ? What os are your running (Windows ? mac? ) What hardware are you using? Cpu,Gpu, Memory Etc .
    2. Yep known issue
    3. Could you elaborate a bit more on that issue ? i think i know what you mean but i want to be sure ;)
    4. Not quite sure exactly how that bug works. Could you also provide more information on this?
    5. That is right many icons are placeholders ( can be seen best at the character clothing slots ) =P

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