How many players currently and does this game have a scope for the future?

  • So I'm interested but I'm worried about the game being dead or not finding anyone to play with. Does this game have a decent amount of players to play with? And does this game have a good outlook for the future?


  • The magic 8ball says "Cannot predict now".

  • That is a question is see from time to time. The best thing if you are unsure is to wait for steam release. You will be at least be able to see people on steam playing eco and can have a good overview. Right now we dont have allot of numbers but its allot up and down. Most ups come always with new patches and then a down period when it takes some time to the next patch. Something that is quite normal .. But personally i feel that we have a good growing community. Each patch i can see more and more active servers . Sadly i cant give you a better answer. Eco is still in a very early alpha stages and has allot of bugs and crashes right now since we still work actively in changing allot of core game mechanics so that causes often thinks still to break.

    Hope that helps

  • On our two Public Server I have count over ~250 unique players in the last 1,5 weeks. Then lots of other servers where play lot of users plus a bunch of privat not listed servers.

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