Room Separation, Shift+Click, and more suggestions

  • Hey everybody,

    I've been playing this game a LOT in the last few days. Here are a few things that bug/annoy me and I think would improve the UX quite a bit (I'll be adding things to this list as we go):

    • Room separation should be a bit more flexible. I think 2-wide (or even 3-wide) openings (regardless of height) should still divide 2 rooms if the room is at least +2 wider than the opening.
    • Shift+Click to move entire stacks from inventory/storage quicker... A lot of games to this. Since we can right-click to drop an entire stack into storage, why can't we shift-left-click to pull a stack out? This should also work for quick moving items from storage/inventory quickly (without having to drag).
    • In-game keybind customization (so we don't have to quit the game and relaunch to change a keybind (not a personal request, but I have a few of my friends comment on this).

    (more to come)

    FWIW, a few of us YouTubers started playing this game together recently (inc. PaulSoaresJr, GenerikB, and more are joining). We're having a lot of fun, but really finding some limitations with the gameplay when it comes to progression. Better documentation would go a long ways, obviously... ;) I'm personally incredibly excited about the game and have played over 20 hours in the last week or so. I recognize that some things are known problems/bugs (i.e. carts, ramps, etc) but I hope some our suggestions help make this game, not only a good "social experiment platform", but a legitimately fun game for folks of all ages... ;)

    Cheers! o/

  • Mail, Mailboxes, and Currency

    It'd be nice to have mail and mailboxes. I imagine coming online and checking my mailbox, and having work orders to work on. I could negotiate a price or simply accept it (based on a predetermined price list, for example-I imagine sharing pricing via mail as well), and I would get credit on certain user's store.

    For currency, I do think that it should be between users, to avoid planet-wide pricing requirements (e.g. a gold ingot would have to cost the same everywhere, and that's not necessarily a good idea). Currency would also help with trades: you could make trades for things more expensive than you can carry at any given time!

    Just some more ideas! ;)

  • I must say the addition of mail would allow much more active work to be completed, in the form of commissions from other players outside your time zone or even to have a form of physical work order. This system has a vast potential for a more global connection throughout the population. It could even be expanded to incorporate a new profession in the form of a courier who would be responsible for the transport of messages between towns and possible distribution, perhaps a post office will be a common place structure in new towns.