5.4 - External HTML Graphs Page loads green background but no data.

  • When clicking the Graphs button in the game the external HTML loads a blank green page with no data. other people that play in the house with me are unable to load the page at all when clicking the graphs button.

  • You need to make sure port 3001 is open thru your firewall for other people to be able to access that page.

  • Port 3000 and 3001 are open on my local router and the firewall on the ECO server is disabled.

  • The graph pages used to work for my family on 5.3. They do not now on 5.4.

  • Yeah i have noticed a few issues with the graph on 5.4 aswell.
    On windows machines it does display the globe but not the color map layer thingy.
    On linux it wont even show the globe ( some silly .net dependancy that does not work in linux i guess ).

  • I just loaded into a public world that is running 5.4 and the graph stuff loaded fine on theirs. I'm wondering what was changed/added that I need to adjust locally for my windows 10 ECO server to work correctly. Also as an aside, Every time I load into the game the ECOSystem displays ALL populations as 0 even though I see plenty of everything running around.

  • If you get everything listed as 0 is a known issue.
    It just means you connected while the server was still loading things.
    If you wait a minute or two more and reconnect the stats for population and stuff will display with the correct numbers.

  • MY wife has been playing on the server for 20 minutes now and when I logged in everything still says 0.

  • Strange.
    I see the real numbers after i wait a few minutes more after i think the server is online.
    Those numbers seems to be the last thing the server does when it starts.

  • It looks like after an hour or so, wife logged back in and Population is showing correctly. I logged out and back in to test. The only issue that remains is the HTML graphs page only having a green background.

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