Tribes and local Populations.

  • Good Day fellow survivalists, Assassin here with another suggestion in regards to early game play.

    I have been playing Alpha 5.3 for about a week now, just moved to 5.4 this morning, loving the new improvements, keep them coming. As I have mentioned before I am playing on a small private server with a few close friends and as we have been playing we have been observing various mechanics that we would enjoy seeing in the game in the future. I have seen in the forums mentioned about Hydration, which I look forward to being a possible strong requirement for survival however what I am to purpose is more interactive.

    So the idea in a nutshell is to integrate a form of Native population of humans. Visually I see this in the form of possibly 2 or 3 'Tribes' scattered over the planet itself. Each Tribe ideally would be different in how they approach the world though in a primitive technical state much like early game with a few small wooden huts. These small tribes of NPC's would be able to be interacted with in a manner of making a rather empty world in the form of humans a tad more alive.

    These Natives would have 'control' of a local area around their small village in which they control the wildlife and vegetation within it. Players can interact with these natives to potentially gain trading options. However before this could be achieved I feel a form of Reputation would be required.

    Reputation can be represented much like a simple gauge, starting from neutral players can complete 'quests' presented by the NPC's in which they may seek assistance in a particular profession, perhaps in gathering wood or collecting a particular plant. In completing these actions Players will earn Reputation points filling their meter gauge into the positive for that Tribe. With Positive Reputation you can gain better and more fruitful trades with the local population, full access to use their land as well as being able to be trained in various low level skills.

    Now of course actions against the Native population namely the production of pollutants or 'stealing' resources within their Tribes lands without an appropriate level of Reputation can lead to negative Reputation which can have various consequences such as closing of all trades, bans on Players entering there local land and potentially leading to more destructive means in an attempt to remove your CO2 footprint.

    I have shaped this idea to make it more comfortable with this games core principles in saving the planet without damaging it in the process and as such we believe that if something like this was implemented then starting out in the world would be vastly more interactive especially if you choose to play singularly or in our case as a small group. It can allow access to various raw resources and some low tech skills such as Farming or Logging potentially allowing players to gain skills without having to pay skill points.

    I thank you for taking the time to read through my idea, hopefully we can bring forward a few more over the next few days and weeks I look forward to helping this game reach its full potential. Feel free to comment below with any concerns or additions, or if you would like me to clarify any details.

  • Funny because I almost had the same exact idea...The only difference I had was each of the tribes would have a random resource/animal that they would view as sacred. If tribe A: thought Bisons and blueberries were sacred. Perhaps the tribes will attack or simply refuse to trade with the players. As the tribe grows they will occupy more land. To enter their land a offering (logs,stone etc...)must be giving to them.

    Tribes also allow the game to implement a warfare skill tree... which Gives the game more of a challenge.

    players could attempt to exterminate the tribes. I believe the tribes should have unique items that can be traded for but will be lost forever if the tribe is exterminated.

    To prevent griefing waging war on tribes should be a law and must be voted upon.

    That's how I believe it should be implemented...anyone else have suggestions on how it can be improved?

  • Benami, I completely agree with you in regards to the Tribes being in ownership of a rare resource or in control/worship a preset wildlife that in turn would allow for cheaper trades with that item or refusal to trade because you farm that item near them.

    However I feel you have branched away from the core of this game with the incorporation of war and combat. You are working to save this planet not exterminate the natural inhabitants of it. I do not agree in a form of combat toward these Tribes, the core of this game is to work towards peaceful interactions and if these fail then you are locked from trading.

  • @Assassin243 I think you are misinterpreting my reasoning. The core premise of the game is to promote a healthy ecosystem. You don't have a game if you don't also impliment game mechanics that cause an unhealthy ecosystem. Warfare is most definitely an antagonist approach to a healthy and productive ecosystem. It causes pollution and destruction to the environment. Perhaps you didnt notice but no reward is gained by destroying the tribes apart from convenience. However...the consequences for eliminating them could be numerous. I feel the concept of this game is not about the rewards you get but about the consequences of our actions. Having a healthy ecosystem isnt easy...and nor should it be. Adding antagonistic mechanics makes us more responsible of our actions and have a better understanding of how to care for our planet.

    I am not advocating warfare as a positive thing....It should be implemented as a factor. Because how can you learn to care for the environment...without experiencing and seeing what is destroying it.

  • Benami, I apologize if I came across as aggressive in my response, I fully agree with your statement in regards to the penalties of warfare and the destruction to the environment. This is definitely something that given appropriate integration that should be considered into the main game as it does in any normal environment. As much as I personally would love to have some form of combat system in the game and all the additional skill requisites of warfare. At this current time this is a direction the developers do not wish to travel down for now. I hope in the future a Mod is created to add much of what we desire.