5.4 Staging version issue: User's client screen went black and disconnected them from the server, on reconnect it hangs at loading objects.

  • 5.4 staging server version issue:
    User's client screen went black and disconnected from them server shortly afterward, now they can't connect back to the 5.4 staging server build, but can connect to other servers without an issue.
    It gets to loading objects and hangs there, server says they have joined but they never fully finish connecting.
    Other players are able to log in and out just fine/as usual.
    User downloaded a fresh version of the client and the issue persisted.
    I restarted the server and the issue persisted.

    Is there anything that can be done on the server side to try to get them able to rejoin? A way to refresh their User data perhaps? Thanks in advance!

    I'm probably going to update to the 5.4 release alpha this evening to see if that helps in any way.

  • Try closing the client compleatly and restarting it.
    I had a simular issue in 5.3 sometimes.

    Oh and if an error is shown in the server about them been logged in elsewhere... you need to restart the server aswell not sure how to reproduce this issue but it hapens about 2-3times a week so it's an intermitent one.

  • @tbbw82 Thank you for the info. Sadly it didn't work. Upgrading from 5.4staging to 5.4 alpha didn't fix it either. With 5.5 I will likely start a whole new fresh world, so we will wait for then.

  • Talus, i play on your server as well, the same thing just happened to me. screen went black and now sticks on Loading Objects 100%, also can still join other servers.

  • You might have to restart the server from the sound of it ? might have sort of crashed if you cant reconnect

  • Restarting isn't fixing the issue sadly. Nor did upgrading to the more recent alpha. That is 2 players now the have had the issue. I am hoping to avoid doing a full reinstall of the server because there has been a good amount of progress made by players. :( comespace with the alpha territory though, I suppose.

  • @ShakinBabyBacon oh no. I'll give the server a restart this morning to see if it helps. It didn't help the other player but maybe it can help you out. I wond3r how many other players have left the server because of the bug.

  • @ShakinBabyBacon Server has been fully restarted, and I also took the time to migrate it to different/slightly faster / newer SSD, and increased the RAM to 6GB. Let me know how it goes.

  • @Talus Thank you for trying, no luck. I was really enjoying your server, hopefully this will be corrected in a future update and i will return. I really appreciate you trying! I guess we just chop this one up to it being alpha.

  • @Talus, unfortunately I am having the exact same issue. It all started with the black screen, then stuck on loading objects 100% every time I try to log in. I am able to connect to other servers.

  • @Luigi I wonder if we are overdue to do a fresh install of 5.4, get rid of all previously configured files / generated items and start over. Something must be bugged in the world to keep losing this many players... I bet it came from the 5.4 staging version I was on before.

    Sadly that means starting out fresh on the server. I was planning to do that on 5.5, but I would rather stop having this issue where people get locked out by the loading objects bug.

  • @Talus I am here and willing to whatever is best for the server. So we start over, its just time.

  • @Talus that's your call, i'm sure the unaffected players wouldn't be too pleased with a wipe, if you choose to hopefully they will understand.

  • I think this worked. Thanks again for the help. I applied the fix to as many names as I could on the server, so I suspect it will fix any that I wasn't aware of. Some might end up a little far from home but I suspect it is better in my opinion that being stuck at loading objects 100, and better than me doing a full world reboot.

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