[CLIENT] Tailor Table crashes client when placed

  • When placing the tailor table it crashes the client, after logging back in the table is in player's inventory but if server is restarted the table will be where player tried to place it AND a duplicate is in player's inventory.
    CLIENT Side
    WIN 10
    To reproduce just place a Tailor Table. Have tried placing it in a wood log room, wood log/mortared stone room.
    Additional Comments: After restarting server the Tailor Table will be where you tried to place it but when you interact with it the window is empty and cannot do anything with it. Is Tailoring not yet implemented?

    Client Version 5.4
    ClientNetworkException 02041133.ecodmp
    ClientNetworkException 02034014.ecodmp

  • Ok well I searched and could not find any info on it sorry.

  • No damage done :)
    Rater you reported it instead of not reporting it since it could have not been reported.
    The link between the github issue page is not realy something you would know to search in if you did not already know it was there.

  • If you want to fix this error and have access to the server files. Go to(also works for 0.5.4) 'EcoServer_0.5.3\Mods\AutoGen\WorldObject' , open the file 'TailoringTable.cs'

    Add this line:
    this.AddComponent(() => new PowerGridComponent(10, typeof(ElectricPower)));

    between these lines:
    this.AddComponent(() => new CraftingComponent());

    this.AddComponent(() => new PowerConsumptionComponent(200));

    save and start the server.

  • Does this make the tailoring table work or just let me place it?

  • It seems to make it work. I don't have enough skills to provide the 200mw of electric power to use the table... but it looks like all the other crafting stations.

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