Is this incredibly laggy for anybody else?

  • Just got this game yesterday, so I've tried version 5.3 and then tried 5.4 when it came out today. Both times were really laggy. I saw the recommended card for it is at least a GeForce GTX660+. I'm not computer savvy enough to know, but I have an AMD Radeon R7 200 Series. Is that considered worse?

  • Ive noticed terrible lag when the minimap is open. When you close the minimap it clears up with no lag to report. At first I was messing with my settings until I realized it was the minimap. But I am able to play Fantastic, Full Detail, Highest render distance with no spikes or lag as long as the minimap is closed. (i7 4790, R9 390, 32gb system ram).

  • Howdy ! 5.4 should have allot of perf fixes . especially for the minimap .. that said i am not up to date on the amd series and there performance .. you might need to lower the graphics a bit .. There is also a issue with memory leak in the client that might cause your lag over time right now

  • Hey, you're right. It was the mini map the whole time. I was getting really concerned I might have to refund it, but it seems to work perfectly now. Thanks!

  • Is the minimap still causing large lag for you in 5.4 ?

  • Yes, and that was with the graphics all the way down.

  • For me, I didn't test it on 0.5.4. yet, but now I just did and it seems the minimap only causes a spike while loading but over all doesn't cause much more lag after that. However the minimap caused the greatest problems for me on a highly populated server, and the newest 0.5.4 servers are not well populated yet. So the verdict is still out. But it does seem better so far.

  • Yep We are aware of the issue with 5.3 and prior version having huge performance issue .. that was because mesh batching together does not work on mac and caused to have 40000 draw calls for each frame when opening the map because trees did on the map did not batch together to a single mesh. There is a workaround that should fix the incredible large draw calls on 5.4 that fixed that issue.

  • The minimap still lags in 5.4 765fb0d7 in Win7.
    I can barly tell a diffrance between 5.3 and 5.4 in terms of how much it laggs with the minimap open.
    But atleast the crash/disconnect issue with closing the minimap seems to be gone.

  • Really ? it works super fine for me. Though i have a more powerful hardware .. Have you tried lowering the graphic settings? what hardware are you running with what settings? how big is the world? So i have some more data

  • Rx460 gpu on windows7 ( so none of that fancy Dx11 optimization :E )
    And yeah it does run abit better if i lower the detales on the minimap but it's one of them thingys i go "but it's not as pritty" if i do :D

  • Howdy ! Chronos made a post here too. He loves to do apparently optimizations so if you guys tell him the following :

    1. Your hardware
    2. your OS
    3. Some info on the server you are on like world size
    4. What game settings you have ( view range etc )
    5. Steps and time on how to produce the error .
      Howdy ! Chronos made a post here too. He loves to do apparently optimizations so if you guys tell him the following :

  • I am running an I7-6850k, (2) Strix 980TI's, 16mb of 2400 DDR4 RAM, Windows 10 Pro 64-bit and Im pretty laggy. Server ping was only 34ms with 8 total players 0 online

    @2560x1440,also tried adding it to program Borderless Windowed, also tried reg windowed @ 1920x1200 with all similar results

    ECO Settings.png

  • This post is deleted!

  • @MetroDetroitGaming You might wanna turn down View distance to 100 , graphics quality abit above 50% and foliage quality you might also want to lower. Eco has not gotten a full optimization yet and the higher you set the graphics the more lag you will get right now

  • I'll try it out.

  • Well I pretty much only needed to drop distance to 100 and its helped a lot putting me around 55-65fps although even showing those frames I'm getting sporadic "hiccups". Guessing just needs optimizing.

  • I believe the hiccups are due to a lack of optimization, yes. Nothing game breaking and isn't there all the time, at least for me :)

  • its actually garbage collecting causing these if i am not wrong

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