Suggestions From Server Admins

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  • It may be nice for an Admin only tp if someone gets stuck ontop of the world. (I have had that happen on some worlds with the jumping or just loading in.)

  • Just a few from me, I admin'd an MC server for years (retired now). Apologies if some of these are already implemented or are going to be, haven't had much chance to play.

    • Client remembers last server played on/has a server list of favourites to choose from.
    • A command to show a countdown clock for when the meteor hits.
    • LastOnline <player> command query to see how long ago someone went offline.
    • TimePlayed command for yourself and TimePlayed <Player> to query others.
    • SummonAllPlayers command for admins/owners to gather everyone in one place.
    • Kick/Mute/TempBan commands
    • AreaRollBack <radius> <time>, resets all blocks in a given radius back to what they were a given time ago, handy for combating trolls and griefers.
    • SetWeather <effect> If/when weather is implemented, admins can make it sunny, foggy, raining, etc.

    Those are just a few that come to mind. Is ECO going to have circuitry like redstone or programmable logic controls, TNT etc? That was a really nice feature from MC that I loved, I made dungeons and adventure maps with redstone circuits for my server, was very successful. Speaking of which, will game modes like that be implemented, perhaps with hostile mobs?

  • @Halogen
    Some interesting ones there...

    • Client remembers last server played on/has a server list of favourites to choose from.
      more a client side feature?
    • A command to show a countdown clock for when the meteor hits.
      The current time-to-doomsday is 7 days I believe, and the current day is noted in the top right, so not sure if needed

    I have put the others in the list if not already there

  • if the client would just remember the last address that would be nice =P for a start .. but keep the ideas comming .. i need to make a post where i can gather them all later

  • @pyhfol

    Yes, there is the current time and day, but if I recall the time before impact will be editable, so it may not always be 7 days.

  • Is there a way to show a list of online players yet? I haven't been able to figure out out, and it would be nice to be able to tell if players are online without having to spam the chat with it.

  • no .. there is a list in the server gui .. but not for clients as i know of

  • @Halogen
    Yeah. I see where your point is now, so if a new player joins the server they can see the time to impact.
    However I would also think this to be client side and something that would end up in the server label? A bit like a game mode being DM, TDM or CTF, we could have 7D, 14D, 30D ?

    @gdude2002 as NBT has said there is one in the server gui, on the Network Manager tab, and 'Display' sub-tab. But nothing ingame unfortunately

  • I want to do a full info-pass, so players can see whats going on in the server, or use the graphs to see whats changing over time. Playerbase will be an important one to communicate here, along with the skills theyve chosen and what theyre doing so you can get an idea how to help out.

    Other modes with dungeons and mobs would be a different game, I'd love to see someone take up that torch as a mod since we're building in lots of mod support.

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