[Server issue] Can't reconnect to a server in 5.4

  • Server, Client or Website?
    the ilovebacons.com server running the new 5.4 experimental version

    OS/Web Browser?
    Windows 10

    Detailed Description of Issue: Connected to the server for about 20 minutes, got disconnected and now can't reconnect.

    Reproducible? How difficult is it to reproduce?

    Very consistently reproducible and persists after deleting the game and game files.

    Steps to reproduce bug/issue: Try to connect to the server

    The server seems to be up and running when I refresh the server list. I've also tried connecting to other servers and have been successful

  • Howdy! sadly we need more information. But i know in fact that there server crashed and we have direct communication with him via discord =) so no more actions required from you on that issue .

  • Well it's just a normal server crash, no needs to bug reports. ;)

    The server is currently back. I recommend on the case of the iLoveBacons server to reach me on http://discord.me/ilovebacons to notify of any problems. Currently working on stuff that we can't detect and automate, what makes the server impossible to join at times. ~

    I'm doing a clean wipe of the world because some generation issues made it so there wouldn't be any forest blocks, players were running in circles looking for food, after this it should be fine to play for real. ;)

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