Stamina and possible intergradations.

  • Good Day fellow survivalists, Assassin here with a suggestion in regards to early game play.

    I have been playing Alpha 5.3 for a number of days now with a few friends and we have been taking note of a few things we feel that if added into the game might make things a tad more realistic or otherwise improve the overall experience of the game itself. Now I have did my best to read through most of the previous suggestions below as to prevent possible reposting I do apologise if I have overstepped my position.

    Moving forward one of these mechanics we have noted from day one is the consistent movement speed, now of course this would encourage the use of the various infrastructure mechanics within the game namely Civil Engineering. However we felt that to fill the void between the starting few in-game days and reaching a point of easy road construction, the gathering of resources and other amenities can take some time if working singly or in our case a small number of friends.

    The idea at its core is to add in a form of Stamina ideally in the form of a Stamina Bar. This Bar would charge over a set period time, using a ball park figure of say 300 Calories over a 20 second time frame. Once a player wishes to say sprint then their Stamina bar would drop from 100% at a constant rate per second till they stop sprinting. This can allow for short periods of increased speed to all moving around the planet just a tad easier in the early days of development. Now of course this adds in an additional level of consideration to early gamely, do you invest valuable calories to move faster?

    Sprinting efficiency can differentiate depending on the terrain you are currently traversing, namely for dirt/grass you would be at say a default rate of 100%, sand or snow reduced to 70% and on surfaces such as roads increase uniformly in comparison to the material the road is made from so dirt roads, 120%, stone 140% and so on and so forth.

    Of course this also can lead to further additions in the form of researching Athletics, which would allow you to first increase the value of the Stamina bar, allowing say 340 Calories to be invested over the typical 300, leading from that Athletics can be made more efficient so far lees Calories are required to fill the Stamina bar and 'yield' (name pending) which would provide more bang for your buck, per say, allowing your Stamina bar to fall at a much lower rate per second for say sprinting.

    With this simple idea I feel more doors can be opened allowing thought into additional Athletic actions such as climbing and perhaps swimming. Or if to make the game a tad more realistic most actions would run through stamina rather than directly from your Calorie bar though personally I feel that this may pull away from the core idea of the game itself, however food for thought in this matter.

    I thank you for taking the time to read through my idea, hopefully we can bring forward a few more over the next few days and weeks I look forward to helping this game reach its full potential. Feel free to comment below with any concerns or additions, or if you would like me to clarify any details.