new player Eu(sweden

  • hi all :)

    i got this game for like 1/h ago and i love it. have been trying out some stuff on a local server of my on. and now i want to get out in the big world and play with a group of active players. so if anyone has a server close or in sweden i would like to join :)

    thanks //Daniel

  • Welcome Vaktare. I have also been playing by myself for a few days. I really want to learn the game well before getting into a larger player base. I find it works better for everyone involved if I'm able to contribute, rather than asking player for help at every stage of learning. I'm interested in a smaller group server. But I'm not sure how well I could host for you. I'm in east US. Not sure how well server runs at any distance, let alone half across the globe. Again, welcome, and best of luck.

  • Your welcome to come and play on a UK server we just setup. Currently 2 players building a town. A few players currently playing solo.

    Look for UK OldGits Server

  • Hello Guarder :)
    I got one in Stockholm/Sweden running 24/7.
    Pm me if interested :)

  • @tbbw82 hi i have sent you a pm

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