Chat log about Eco game

  • This is a chat log between my brother and me. It lasts for about a 5-6 day period and the discussions range from cost, initial buy, to game mechanics and overall feelings about the game. I know its long to read (we go back and forth in chat often and our chat is verbose) but I think this is useful for everyone from current players and new players and even for the devs. I hope you get something useful out of this chat log...

    I'll put the TL:DR right up front! If you don't make it to the bottom of this chat log then at least takeaway this: we had concerns about the game and the price, but in the end we are pretty happy playing it and it was a decent buy.

    So now I'll leave it to the chat log:

    I have bolded important sections of this log

    <Chat Log: Start>

    Gahx: do u want to try that eco game?
    Gahx: not sure if im gonna like it but i want to at least try
    Fizzgig: its super grindy
    Fizzgig: im not sure if i will like it
    Fizzgig: but its also 40$ and im not sure if i can swing that for a bit
    Fizzgig: but its made for mp
    Fizzgig: itll be really tough with 2 or 3 ppl
    Fizzgig: but its got some stuff right like limited carry capacity
    Fizzgig: games sorta dont make sence that you can carry so much
    Fizzgig: but this game is like one shovel full at a time of dirt or rubble or whatever and i think thats maybe too crazy
    Fizzgig: atleast there should be a wheel barrow or something cuz if its trying to be realistic then we would atleast shovel things into a wheel barrow duh...not take one shovel
    full at a time
    Fizzgig: there is skills that increase capacity i think and there is skills for effeciency that reduce build requirements...but man super grindy idk

    Fizzgig: ok so a few things, i found out eco does have carts or wheel barrows so its not as stupid as i thought xD
    Fizzgig: also i can actually afford it this month
    Fizzgig: so idk if you wanna try it
    Gahx: i didnt really want to buy eco i dont know if im gonna like it
    Fizzgig: i saw a stream of it where ppl are farther along then "first day" and you can build some amazing stuff in it
    Fizzgig: it is super grindy but it might be worth it
    Fizzgig: i was really irritated seeing ppl carry shovels full of rubble one by one... but i found out there is a cart later you can load up
    Fizzgig: also i dont think theres pvp in it. its supposed to be about community
    Fizzgig: somebody needs this, they can give you this...the skills are hard to learn all by yourself so you have to work together
    Gahx: i know the concept is cool
    Gahx: i like the idea of leveling up different skills which help out the community
    Gahx: i wonder if you have to restart if you go to another server
    Fizzgig: each server is its own so yeah i think you have to restart
    Gahx: they really ought to release a demo

    Gahx: i guess i do want to play eco xD
    Gahx: the thing that i really enjoyed about FFXIV and RO and even ToS and Black Desert was the job system
    Gahx: i like that everyone has a job and it effects the overall community
    Fizzgig: i just hope, if i spend that much money that i really will enjoy it
    Fizzgig: i dont like grindy things usually and this is more grindy than most
    Fizzgig: one thing about eco is that you gain skill points while offline
    Fizzgig: as long as your nutrition is good
    Gahx: lol you cant even get into eco yet
    Gahx: you have to get a key or something
    Fizzgig: yeah you can
    Gahx: heres the other is another one of those really REALLY LONG games
    Gahx: iv got so many of those running at the same time
    Fizzgig: what i dont like is if you play on a server what happens if they take it down
    Fizzgig: uh hey you rememebr that thing i built?? um...gone
    Fizzgig: id want a server myself i think but i cant support a community
    Fizzgig: my server box is too weak

    Gahx: i dont even know how to make tools yet lol
    Gahx: im wandering around
    Fizzgig: oh you got it?
    Fizzgig: i guess ill get it too
    Fizzgig: i think you get given a trade tool when you pick the skill

    Gahx: when it says you gain skillpoints per day is that in game day or rl day
    Fizzgig: i think rl day

    Gahx: ewww hope you can upgrade it
    Fizzgig: having balanced nutrition increases the gain modifier
    Fizzgig: and even when you log out it keeps ticking and getting skill point

    Gahx: whoa something must be wrong lol
    Gahx: i ate a beet and now it says skill points gained per day 41

    Fizzgig: whats your coordinates?
    Gahx: 936,600
    Fizzgig: im almost there
    Fizzgig: it was a trek

    Fizzgig: i guess i should put skills in axe pick shovel bow?
    Fizzgig: but what about cooking?
    Gahx: hold on dont put points into anything yet
    Fizzgig: i put logging
    Fizzgig: still have 3 points
    Gahx: what you put points into determines what we can do
    Fizzgig: well looging seems to be a must anyway
    Gahx: we need to choose different skills
    Gahx: i already have logging
    Fizzgig: its basic skill we both need
    Fizzgig: so i got it too but i still have 3 points to spend

    Gahx: i dont really understand this game
    Gahx: i need 5 points to go into carpentry
    Gahx: but i only have 1 right now
    Gahx: so i just have to sit around and wait?
    Fizzgig: if you eat better food then the gain goes up
    Gahx: i cant even farm
    Fizzgig: thats why we all need basic skills
    Gahx: i really want to get into mining and smithing
    Gahx: everyones gonna need tools xD
    Fizzgig: were not gonna be able to take seperate skills
    Fizzgig: not the early skills
    Fizzgig: but when we specialize in something then well do different ones
    Fizzgig: but obiusely i want to build and mine and eat so we both are gonna have the same basic skills
    Fizzgig: im also gonna take hunting
    Fizzgig: so logging and hunting
    Fizzgig: 2 points left

    Fizzgig: i think that that game needs a traditional xp system so you can work and level up and then use the auto gain for times when you are logged out
    Fizzgig: but it is weird that you are stuck and cant do does seem to cut you off from playing

    Gahx: i want to see how many skill points i have now
    Gahx: i hope this game doesnt turn into a mobile type of game
    Fizzgig: some of the craftables do take time like up to 5 mins
    Gahx: gonna be kind of mad to pay 40$ for a game that is a glorified mobile game
    Fizzgig: its gonna endup getting crazy modded so you dont have to worry xD

    Fizzgig: i think that after we eat cooked meals or food with lots of ingredients then well see skill modifyers into the 100s..perhaps 5-600 and stuff
    Fizzgig: its hard to get there but basically we only ate a foriged item and it wasnt even cooked
    Fizzgig: so its grindy in the begining until you get farther along or there is a real farming community that can provide better sorces of food
    Gahx: i dont think you want to make people who are enthusiastic about playing not be able to play
    Fizzgig: typical games have to fill up an xp bar doing monotinus tasks craft a million item that you dont need yey now youre "good" at this skill...yeah right there is no
    benifit to the player by doing that
    Fizzgig: so this it an attempt at removing that and just making it time based

    Fizzgig: dont like the time? eat better food
    Fizzgig: and you have to work hard to get there and spend alot of time to get it
    Fizzgig: idk

    Gahx: just went on eco again i had 9 points
    Gahx: immediately spent them and logged off

    Gahx: thats kind of dumb
    Fizzgig: youre not thinking about it right
    Fizzgig: watch pauls vid he made today its called eco gangz
    Fizzgig: the 4 of them played thay all had 0 points and they kept playing and goofing around hunting and building and everything
    Fizzgig: your house is a box
    Fizzgig: you could be on there chopping and building while your skills grow and then you wouldnt notice
    Fizzgig: you would probobly also eat more and get skills faster than this
    Gahx: i can only build a box
    Gahx: i cant even make stairs
    Fizzgig: so you leave the spot where the stairs go until you can make them and work on a different section
    Fizzgig: we could build a huge town
    Fizzgig: and forget everything about the skills while we work
    Fizzgig: but eating will constantly get better skill gain
    Fizzgig: its not as bad a spend and log out...but i do agree its weird
    Fizzgig: i was iffy on this game and this was one of the iffy things
    Fizzgig: but watch pauls mp vid ... youll see what i mean

    Fizzgig: im not giving up on it yet, eating one raw beet and then complaining about skill gain doesnt seem right to me
    Fizzgig: theres so much food that you could eat and make it better, we just dont have access to it yet
    Gahx: thats not the problem
    Gahx: the problem is the game stops you from playing early on for no reason
    Fizzgig: youre the one that is stoping playing, because you cant see some imaginary gain
    Fizzgig: we could go in and play with what we have while waiting for better skills
    Fizzgig: its slow..and its slow by design
    Fizzgig: it is weird to adapt to this model but its not a completely wrong model
    Fizzgig: its suposed to take time but doesnt stop you from playing
    Fizzgig: i dont think the idea is fully fleshed out it is an alpha and things might change or get reballanced all of that is true

    Gahx: so i went on eco and that server we started on one guy gave me a book about mining so now i have mining skill and this other guy said i could take some food from his garden
    Gahx: now im getting 50 points per day

    Fizzgig: i logged in and i was completely starved and i cannot get food because i am so hungry
    Fizzgig: we need to make a garden
    Fizzgig: do you have any food left over?
    Gahx: look in public storage
    Gahx: i just put some in there
    Gahx: we need some protein too
    Gahx: theres some dead animals around if u can carve them
    Fizzgig: i dont know if i can carve
    Fizzgig: but we need to make a campfire we need 1 stone
    Gahx: im mining come see if u can use your shovel on it
    Fizzgig: so i need to get cooking skill
    Gahx: do u have the laborer skill?
    Fizzgig: yeah but i cant do anything
    Fizzgig: too hungry to work
    Gahx: kill some rabbits?
    Fizzgig: the berrys only gave me 90 callories that i just spent trying to kill a turkey
    Fizzgig: i cant shoot bow at 0 callories
    Gahx: look in the campfire
    Fizzgig: well where did you get those
    Fizzgig: how do we get more?
    Gahx: a guy said i could take them from his garden
    Fizzgig: ok one thing i think we need is a research table
    Fizzgig: it says lvl 2 crafting
    Fizzgig: with that i think we can make a cooking scroll
    Fizzgig: then i can learn to cook turkey
    Gahx: i dont see research table unlocked by any skill
    Fizzgig: its on the crafting bench but says requires crafting 2
    Fizzgig: 20 logs 5 stone
    Fizzgig: can you get crafting 2?
    Fizzgig: then ill eat the berriwees so i can shovel the stone
    Gahx: how much points is it? i have 0 right now
    Fizzgig: its probly 3 pts
    Fizzgig: first lvl is 1 pt then 2 lvl is 3
    Gahx: ill get it when i get some points
    Fizzgig: i cant do cooking until the cooking scroll is made
    Fizzgig: so idunno
    Fizzgig: we probly didnt plan our points out right
    Gahx: i told u that yesterday lol
    Fizzgig: i mean i still think everybody should take basic skills
    Fizzgig: we dont all have to become proficient but we should be able to do basic things
    Fizzgig: i just dont want to eat all your berries if im not gonna be useful
    Gahx: eat the berries and get 50 points per day
    Fizzgig: ok i got it up to 34 pts
    Gahx: did u leave the game?
    Fizzgig: no
    Fizzgig: i hunted turkey
    Fizzgig: it says harvest it but i dont know how
    Gahx: right click or E probably
    Fizzgig: e did it
    Fizzgig: ill try to get more turkey
    Gahx: oh i should be looking for coal so we can actually use the campfire
    Fizzgig: logs works too but coal lasts longer
    Gahx: oh yea im cooking your turkey
    Gahx: ohhh i have campfire cooking
    Gahx: well my stomache is full xD
    Gahx: oh yea keep bringing back meat xD
    Gahx: 100 points per day
    Fizzgig: they are hard to shoot
    Fizzgig: but ill try to get another one
    Fizzgig: i had to make more arrows
    Fizzgig: hunting at night is useful
    Fizzgig: they are sleeping i guess they dont run away from you

    Fizzgig: ok now we got a feast
    Fizzgig: 4 rabits 1 turky 5 charred beets
    Gahx: worst part is meat gives 600 calories
    Gahx: im too full to eat meat
    Fizzgig: then you need to work to spend the callories
    Gahx: wow i had 12 points when i logged in
    Gahx: dunno what to spend them on
    Fizzgig: you should prbly just store them up until you need to do something with it
    Fizzgig: you should make carts
    Gahx: im trying to figure out how
    Fizzgig: or get the skills needed to make them
    Fizzgig: also higher lvl skills are gonna start costing quite alot
    Fizzgig: lvl 3 in something takes 9 i could see it costing 30+ for lvl 4 or something
    Fizzgig: dont even want to think about what it takes at lvl 10
    Fizzgig: we also need coal for fuel i want to stop burning the wood
    Fizzgig: it seems like stone is the most abundant resource so that should bue our building material as soon as we can

    <Chat Log: End>

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