Alpha 5.4 status, and about staging builds

  • We now have an in-development version of Eco available to test out any pending features. Designated our "staging" builds, these builds may be considerably more buggy than that of official releases, so beware of that when upgrading from a prior version (ensure that you keep a backup of your old save files). We expect to release new staging builds multiple times a week.

    Alpha 5.4 is almost ready for official release, and has mostly some QOL features, performance improvements and bug fixes in it (will compile the real list shortly). Shortly afterwards the alpha 5.5 staging build will go out, which will have all the work-in-progress farming fixes, contracts, stores, and currency improvements, among other things.

    Thanks for continuing to support Eco!

  • Excellent! I just put up a 5.4 server to test this out. Thank you for your hard work Devs!

  • Good news. For anybody wishing to try out and test around, the server iLoveBacons is on 5.4 now, we had a corrupted save so decided to upgrade instead. :)

  • I think that carts may be a bit more stable in some ways and not so much in others...

    If you go backwards down a ramp, you can't stop until you hit something or go off a ledge haha Going forwards is fine though.

    However, OMG! The performance gains! They are crazy good.

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