Is this possible with modding?

  • I've been looking for ways to reduce the grind to give a better single player experience as I don't really play multiplayer to often and was curious about if a few things are currently possible with modding and if so how I would get the variables and methods, etc needed to do it.

    The main things i'm looking at right now are increasing the shoveling capacity beyond 1 to 10 or maybe more, increase the carry capacity to beyond 10, and increasing the weight capacity of the cart so it can actually be filled completely.

    Would editing those be possible with the current modding API, and if so how would I go about finding the required variables, methods etc. needed to edit those?

  • You can do some of this more easily than other things. Almost all the items in the current version of the game exist in the Mods\ folder, and you can freely edit them to your will. The server will recompile any changes to mods you make the next time you run the server. Changing the capacity of the carts, for example, is as easy as changing the value on one of the carts components.

    Some mechanics, like the shovel you describe, are a bit more challenging since some of the items aren't in Mods.

  • Thanks for the reply, I actually somehow missed the cart file when looking but since you mentioned it I found it and it was indeed easy to change which is awesome, the shovel on the other hand I haven't quite been able to change to my liking. It seems picking up another block while holding one isn't something editable in the shovel file unfortunately =/

  • The only thing you can do with the shovel at the moment is increase the amount of items it removes from a storage container when you left click on it. Override the "MaxTake" property and increase the value from 1 to 10, and this will allow you to left click a container and remove 10 of dirt/stone etc.

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