Input Lag ?

  • Hey, first feedback, i will do a complète feedback after more hours, i'm still at the beginning of the game.
    I don't have find an other topic about that problem.

    So each time i want to enter on my stockage or any crafting table i feel like it's need an hour. It feel like there is a dealy between my action end the input ( E ) and the opening of the menu. If it can be reduce it can be very very more fluid for the gameplay.
    It the same when i look at an other block or plants. The green think around each object need to many time to switch between each object.

    I feel like it reduce the fluidity of the gameplay, i feel like it stop my mouvement and it made my mad after a long session.
    It's maybe only so i don"t know if somebody else have the same feeling/problem about it.

  • This is mostly server lag, you should experience this less on servers with lower ping (and basically not at all if you are playing locally)

  • On the topic of server lag, is there a place for recommended server hosting specs?

  • @NoBlackThunder Ah great, thank you! I have my Talus Dedicated server running on a Win10Pro HyperV VM running Win 7 Pro, 4 i7 3.8ghz cores with 4GB of ram, 20GB SSD space and a dedicated NIC. That should do the trick for now.

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