MetalWorking Skill, Is this broken?

  • While advancing through the skills, I have hit an apparent dead end. In order to research (Metalworking Skill Book) I must first unlock the (Metalworking Skill) which requires the (Metalworking Skill Scroll) I just curious if I have missed something, or is this a skill bug that has just been missed. I've not yet found a post on this, which makes me assume that a work around must be known. Thanks in advance if any help can be given.


  • There is nothing wrong with this.

    In your Research tree there is a node for "Metalworking". First learn this Research, this will enable the "Metalworking Skill Book" in the Research Table.

    Craft the book, which will give you the Metalworking Skill.

    More Indepth
    Skills are separated into three parts.

    1. Research (the Research Tree)
    2. Training (Creating the Skill Book in the Research Table)
    3. Improving (Leveling up the skills in the newly acquired skill tree that you unlocked from training)

    So you must first research Metalworking, and then train in it, and then improve on it.

  • Thank you very much. I was searching for info on it. It seemed to be misleading me. Perhaps a feature such as mouse-over the requirement revealing the place of research could be considered.

  • Oh and be carefull with the blast furnance... just running it for an hour or two the enviroment around you start to change and plants start to die.

  • Yea, the whole "research skill" thing is fairly confusing and I'm looking into ways to clarify/change it.

    As for tooltips, we're currently working on drastically improving them to allow you to easily see requirements.

  • @craig.jong The path to steelworking is very comfusing if it can be made less comfusing and the same system carryed over to the rest of the skilltrees then i think we would be in good shape.

  • I get the feeling there is a lot of items missing from the research tiers. What I mean is, I will leave my client and server up overnight, or while at work to gain points to explore the skill trees with. Going into Metalworking after days of being idle, I unlock a skill and only gain nothing but another skill to wait for. If a skill tree is gonna have so many tiers to it. Would you guys consider lowering the point cost? Or maybe cutting down the number of tiers to one skill? I really just wanted to make use of metals I've found, and after 3 days, I can only make ingots.

  • Your skill multiplier is increased by the right food
    The better the food the more skillpoints you get in the day
    Eco 2017-02-02 05-15-17-91.jpg
    Eco 2017-02-02 05-16-03-85.jpg
    Eco 2017-02-02 05-16-10-44.jpg

  • Wow, I didn't realise it was that big of a difference. I'm learning rather slowly. Been pretty busy IRL. And I have been playing on my own. I'm curious in the game's development in these tiers, and I still find it strange that there are tiers that only unlock another tier. And not any tech. Seems a bit redundant.

  • It is supposed to be a long game.
    I think it is great that one takes long for the skill trees.

    We must first build a population
    To avert the danger.

  • True, it is great idea. The long game is what interests me most in the game. It just erks me a bit when I try to work on getting an Item. I invest points craft a new station, but can't yet craft anything until I invest into a whole other tree. This just happened with the Anvil I crafted. Placed and then learn I must go trough Stoneworking tree to make bricks, or I Can't even use the Anvil. (sidenote) I own/ use Anvils IRL, and bricks aren't required : P. I just feel Research is remarkably convoluted, and Tech is conversely simplistic.

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