• Hello,
    I think this game looks really fun and am thinking about buying it. However if I buy it and don't like it, is there a way I could get a refund.
    Loving the look the game


  • It depends on the reason and lots of other stuff .. If you are unsure wait until Eco releases on steam and buy it there, Steam has a good refund policy.

  • There are some bugs in the game if your having a hard time desiding i'd recoment to wait for next version where alot of bugfixes and tweaks will be fixed wich will adress alot of the anoyance bugs.
    But i have seen people get a refund by contacting support.
    But i would recomend waiting since your not like me going instantly "wow... i want to back this game!" :)

  • I completely agree with tbbw82 here. If you are unsure, wait and do not buy just yet. Wait for the steam release! Since it is in Alpha, there are bugs, there are issues, so one should not expect a seamless, perfect experience.

    The only reason to buy now during alpha would be to support the development of the game and play it as they build it. For me, I think I have found a game that was worth my initial support and investment, and I'm excited to see where it goes.

  • Ok. When is it getting released on steam?

  • We are planning for Steam "early access" release as the first release after beta - middle of this year is the goal.

  • I have decided that I will be buying the game because i really like the look of it. I hope the money will help support the continuation of the development of this game.

  • @itscricket I will let you know I was on the fence as well as to whether or not to purchase. My computer barely met system requirements however since purchase it has run very well with adjusted settings and is a delight to play. I'd suggest purchase to get in on ground level and watch it grow.

  • @Stroud90 I agree, this purchase has been well worth the initial expense, and I'm enjoying watching it grow!

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