How is room volume calculated?

  • I don't understand how room volume is calculated. Is it LxWxH of the empty space in the room?

  • its cubic meters yes . so if you have a house that is 5x5 in length and width that would give you 25 square meters + 2 in height gives you 50 cubic meters, I think though that is the inner size, So you need to build wall and roof around this volume if i am not wrong

  • That appears to be the case. Thank you!

  • For reference, I have two connected 5x5x3 rooms (interior space) and in that workshop I have a basic workbench, a carpenter's bench with sawmill, a research table, quarry, a kiln, and a bloomery (as well as assorted tables, chairs, chests, braziers, shelves, etc.) A second building serving as my "barn" holds the butcher's table, farmer's table, campfires (one for food, one for pitch), wainwright's table, a seed chest, and some extra space for whatever I feel like storing in there (like that broken tailor's table). I'll obviously have to expand somewhat in the future, but you really don't need a big footprint to get well into the iron age. Three hundred cubic meters holds a lot of stuff, and this morning my low-impact lifestyle was rewarded with a chorus of wolves howling in the yard. :)

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