Specialization ideas

  • Let me say this: I do not own the game (cuz 51$cdn) and I have not seen a running economy or really that much for that matter. I am just basing this off of what ive seen from videos, okay?

    I really see this game as a specialized world, similar to ours, or else whats the point of teamwork?

    let me start of with a few things that could increase specialization:

    1: furniture quality.
    say if you start a new game and craft a chest, you have next to 0 skills on creating it. It would be poorly built, with less space and carrying capacity. But as you get better in Carpentry and build more furniture or chests, your skills get better, increasing space and carrying capacity. People who want to go mining don't want to waste their time on carpentry, and rather buy it than make it.

    2: personal traits.
    What I mean is that you excel at some catagories or general work for something bad. You start out at 0 points, and you get a good trait.
    you loose some points, and you trade it out for a bad trait. If it ends up more than 0, it just makes your good traits a bit more useful.

    for example, you pull carts faster for the trade off that it takes more hits to chop a tree and it's harder for others to use your scrolls (you need more skill points to upgrade something that was hard to read)

    3: scroll change
    as far as I know, you can make scrolls of books for free and instantly, so everyone can read.
    I think it should take some time to make a scroll, and not free. And if someone else made the scroll, it might be harder to read (etc trait, or just naturally cuz u did not make it.)

    4: Car overhaul
    More engines! electric engines, desial engines, 2-stroke engines and 4-stroke engines. But also the shape of the car. If I'm correct, the shape of the car can increase or decrease fuel efficiency, I think because of aerodynamics. Whatever, its a bit far fetched.

    5: Guns
    optional in my opinion, but why not.

    thank you for getting at the bottom.
    I would really like to support this game but 51$ cdn is a bit steep.

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