ECO's General "Atmospheric-quality/Vibe"

  • Greetings ladies and gentlemen! I hope that you're all doing well...

    • I came across and proceeded to watch a few "let's plays" of ECO on YouTube earlier this evening. (Well, early hours this morning lol)...

    • I must say, that the aesthetic qualities of the cabins and small wooded areas etc, that were featured in the videos I viewed, were very pleasing to behold and were rather "peaceful" looking. (I did not have sound for the videos on at the time, I assumed rather ambient wildlife sounds would be "norm" (as well as player interactions of course..)).
      Basically, I have made these observations to ask you, ladies and gentlemen...

    *1. On a scale of 1 to 10. (1 being not at all. 10 being extremely). How peaceful/calm do you find ECO's overall "Atmosphere"?
    *2. Would you say the game play intensity varies but is mostly a nice steady pace? Give me your thoughts.

    • Unfortunately, due to certain events last year I suffer with very severe PTSD. I would have purchased ECO to gather the information/opinions to the questions I have asked myself.

    • However, due to the PTSD; Find myself house bound at the moment, hindering the making of adequate finances to purchase ECO.

    • If the general consensus of replies shows ECO to be as "peaceful/non-erratic" as my initial thoughts were from seeing a little game footage (muted at the time). Then I will, try and save what I can/hint at family and friends (since it's my Birthday in a couple of weeks) to acquire it.

    • My general thoughts being the game could turn out to be rather therapeutic if it is as serene as I initially perceived it.

    Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen for taking the time to read and hopefully respond with some insight and wisdom.

    Have a good one!

    P.S. Apologies for the dodgy formatting I wanted to make it a little easier to read but I am not used to Markdown code, so I just bullet pointed for maximum laziness ;)

  • Hi Eifion,

    ECO is very peaceful. As of v0.5.4 there is no player damage or any hostile interactions. That being said the point of ECO at the moment is to prevent an asteroid that is slowly making its way towards your world. After 30 days (default) if you have not developed the sufficient technology to stop the asteroid everything will be destroyed. So stress wise I guess there is that sort of race against the clock element, but if you have a good group of people all working together I imagine it wouldn't be that hard. Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to play with a group yet but I imagine half of the experience would come from emergent gameplay with others.

    Hope this helps!

  • Seems i found some bug with the forum... let me split my reply up in more then one post to see if that allows me to post.

    Point 1 10 ECO is extreamly relaxing no hostile mobs or fear of death with 4 exeptions.

    Exeption1 the metior you need to beat in 30 days by default can have an element of stress but you can turn this metior off if you dont want that challange/stress in the game.

    Exeption2 Polution... you gotta take care of your planet and not abuse it too much... this is not realy a problem if you keep this in mind and not run your machines that does CO2 too hard and let nature regenerate.

    Exeption3 Bugs... the cart bugs can drive you nuts at times so just remember the game is still in alpha and i'm sure they will fix them... eventualy.

    Exeption4 I be hunting Wabbits!
    Well... the rabbits are currently way too alert to be fun hunting...
    After you tryed to hunt rabbits with a bow and no crossair it wont take long until you start cussing alot like Yosemite Sam from loony toons.
    Ther notice you way faster then you see them and ther fast lil buggest too and only reson why you would want to hunt them is for a research needs them.

  • Point2 Well it's somewhat steady pace but they did find a balance between the game not fealing too grindy while it is kinda grindy ( refering to digging for materials such as stone or minirals one... at... a.. time... ).
    All you need to do to progress fast is to get your nutritional value balanced for maximum skillpoints per day.
    The first few days of gametime will be the slowest and it will increase from there once you start getting your cooking in order but during that time you are so new to the game so just exploring and picking plants and enjoying the scenery makes time fly by faster to compensate for that.

    In general i would think ECO would be therapeutic experience in general i would even allow children play this game without fearing they would have nightmares or such.
    But... game is still in alpha so you have to keep in mind that there will be bugs and wierdness until the devs plow thru and fix the bugs and polish everything up :)

  • Thank you for the kind replies and your opinions on the topic, I will definitely be keeping a close eye on the development of the title until I get a copy for myself and hopefully start contributing to the bug finding etc ^_^

    Thanks again it's much appreciated!


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