More Server Config Options. And general update suggestions.

  • My current suggestions.

    • Night and day cycle. Admit it, night in Eco is kinda depressing. Could it be possible to make it adjustable to a certain extent? In real life days are longer. Should be so in the game to.

    • "exp" Skill tick rate. Its so slooow... My gosh if it wasn't for the dev potions you can spawn in. With the game in its current state we wish to do a legit play through and not cheat, and at the same time play the content thats in it. Its very hard to do so with the rate you get skills now. At least add a server config option to change the multiplier on it.

    • Server party and sharing inventory in machine inventories. Its very much work running back and forth when me and my 4 friends play on our server and we each focus on a skill each. It would help Alot if you add a form of party play, and remove the Personal inventory slot while in a party.

    • Bigger chests/More chest types. Yes, there are to little space in them. Well, for the size that is. Current wood chests could be half the size with the current slots in it. Make some upgrades down the line with Copper strips on maybe to double the inventory slots. Iron strips to triple, and maybe Steel strips to quadruple it.

    • I heard about the trash can ! I salute the DeV/Person that came up with that idea. (thumbs up) From all of the Eco community.

    • Road slopes in 1x instead of 2x. (if that makes sense) On the server i play on we like to have the roads 3 blocks wide. So you can see my frustration there. This should probably be an "easy" fix for the dev team. Cut the code and graphics in half and wolla!

    • Jumping up a hill.. (kill me now please!!!) Jump up, get stuck, slide slowly backwards and down. Try again and almost get up, but slide back down. Take half a step back, jump straight up. Once on the peak of your jump, press w. Sucsess! Do i need to say more? :(

    • 1st Art Team suggestion. Make the windmill blades longer. Its so tiny and fragile. We want a big strong masculine windmill. please? =)

    • 2nd Art Team suggestion. Make a waterwheel shadow on which way the waterwheel spins.

    • 3rd Art Team Suggestion. Make half blocks for the road sections. So we can have more straight roads that goes North-West, instead of the blocky looks we have today.

    • Carrying capacity. Add more carrying capacity as a skill in the survival skill tree? When your town grows big and the lumber is far away, we all wish we could carry more then 10 logs in our hand, and more then 5 stacks in the cart. Maybe add strength to the survival skills to enable you to carry more materials in hand, and pull more weight in the wagons.

    (since this guy hosts the server i play on ill add his suggestion without he knowing about it(yet) And ill add to it in the end.

    • @Aphenon said: I would love to have an indicator for where you are aiming, a simple dot would suffice. This would help with precision work as well as aiming with the bow. The background on skillbooks should change depending on wherether you know it or not, red for 'no' and green for 'yes'.
      -- Also make the woodpile smaller when carrying wood, and when placing it. It really takes up half the screen.


    Ps: For Forum mods. Fix the RSS feed button. Its broken on Google Chrome for windows 10.

  • I'm agree with all this sugestions !
    I just have start a new game today and after made some log and build a house, found some plant i have been stuck because i can"t do anything else excepte try to make skill point.
    I have been in a server where we can learn skills faster and it feel way more better. Maybe it was to much but better for the progression than the native progression.

  • Great post. I would like to ask for the ability for admins to change numbers of species alive. This is solely to create situations that the community would have to respond too.

    • list item"exp" Skill tick rate

    I would like to see this adjustable as well (or is it already?). However on our server we think the skill rate is too high and we don't mind staying with wooden houses for a while.

  • In my opinion the Skill tick rate is okay. The goal of the game is not to rush everything, but to play together and specialize to different things. But a option to change that aswell would be great.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Skill Point Rate: This is my idea on an easy way to implement this idea.

    BanceMultiplier": {
    "$id": "#",
    "System.String": {
    "$type": "System.Collections.Generic.List`1[[System.String, mscorlib]], mscorlib",
    "$values": [1]

    1 Being Default Value so if a player has an in-game 2.0 balance multiplier in game they get default rate of skill points but if the value were to be set for example 5. So if the player would have a balance multiplier of 2.0 the game would do it's normal calculations and THEN multiply that total by 5 which is what the server owner put in within the configs.

  • I'd like to see the skill rate adjustable. So servers can decide. Personally I like a more hardcore experience. Being dependable on other players skills and help/trade.

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