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  • Good evening, morning, ECO

    I was currently watching a video about ECO for the first time and I was stunned by it. Been looking for endless amount of harsh/realistic survival games and none have really pleased me yet, maybe because I have played most of them too much. So I decided to give ECO a try! Went ahead and registered on the website and went on buying the starter edition (40$) through Paypal.

    Unfortunately, I came an error on Paypal;
    "Sorry, we can’t complete your purchase at this time.
    Please return to the merchant and choose another way to pay.

    I don't know if the game is only available in the US, because I currently live in Europe. Maybe that is the case and it refuses it at the moment since it is still in Alpha.
    Anyhow, would be nice to get an idea of whats happening with me.. ^^'

    I will wait on and try again later I think, or maybe wait for a Early Access Steam release. But that might be a long way ahead for it.
    Thanks for reading,

    Kind regards,

  • Being in EU is not the Problem....
    I have only linked my Bank Account to Paypal and no Credit Card and it worked.

  • you might to have to contact Paypal . Normally you should be able to buy Eco no matter where you are. Though there are many reasons for Paypal blocking you .. Only way to find out is to contact Paypal customer support

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