To the Creators of this Marvelous-looking game...

  • I did a dumb. I was silly, and put Fifteen dollars on Steam. Me and my father thought the game looked amazing, and we agreed to put both our money into it, as a collective funding thing... I put the money on steam, thinking it was the official version... Now I have a dead gift card, nothing to buy at the current time, and a feeling of Stupidity that I cannot drown with orange juice. If it is possible in the slightest, could you beautiful people give me a fifteen dollar discount..? No is an acceptable answer, but I truly want to be a contributory member to your games' world. please write back,

  • Buy the 4pack with your dad and 2 of his friends and get 40 Dollar discount ;)

    I'm pretty sure the answer is no anyways.

  • Yea we cant make an exception. We want to be fair to everyone. That is also the reason why we are not giving out review key's or streamer keys ( We get allot of request about streamer keys). On top of that our current account and purchase system does not have any features to give any discount at any stage right now.